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Holed up at Evans Lane

I've kind of perched myself in my apartment on a 30 day notice but Strattera is forcing me out to Starbucks for some possible coder practice. There has been no response from that landlord about the room rental near SJSU since I got back with him/her about seeing it so hopefully more rooms pop up on the market approaching the 19th. I have a feeling that they might get back with me later.

Major updates to cover letter/resume, day 21 atomoxetine update

Dependable Charles here. Just sent my resume to LinkedIn.
They always were interested in working with me so I will stay steadfast at vanquishing homelessness from my life's picture stay active stay focused always stay coding/hacking. George from Evans Lane taught me if you keep following up and you show that you have an interest in working (diligence) that helps so I take Mohamed Rafiq's survival skills 101 from LinkedIn and apply it with that.

Strattera® day 20

We thought we needed modafinil but what a pleasant surprise. Strattera turns out to make us capable.

It marks day 20 since I started taking Strattera (atomoxetine generic) 40mg from Dr. Mai. I take it with fluoxetine (Prozac® generic) so it gives me amazing sensations and feelings of obedience toward working at an employer. I feel calm and can relate with what it is that doesn't get a person hired. I wouldn't hire me without me being on atomoxetine!

Looking for a starter room and stable gainful 9-5 as a former worldwide 🌐 ccTLDist

I'm on 30 days notice with Evans Lane Wellness and Recovery Center that means I need to find a new place. Bethany (my Gardner case worker for FSP) has said that I am covered for rent for 2 months until my SSI kicks in. I see the SSA on the 24th at 9:00AM to address my need for disability. I'm also interviewing with Samsung here in San Jose which may mean I don't need to take disability again. I can be a "disabled in tech" class of worker on Strattera.

Strattera puts a big ol' smile on my face.

Well dudes life rolls on I have to take this job at SAMSUNG if I get hired I will announce. Nobody else has interest and only SAMSUNG has maintained the relationship without ghosting or severing the interview early despite what I say/do. So it is safe to say they respect personality at Samsung. To prep myself I've been studying the CI CD process repeatedly so I have a good understanding of release to production concepts.

Day 16 atomoxetine. ccTLDs and Curtner Studios!

Whoa. I am feeling the after effects of Strattera's concentrated peaks this morning. I feel definitely capable but no inclination to dive into Linux/Python just yet. No curiosity for code or desire to start driving a car has developed yet. Believe me though when the drug kicks in full I will be very active in productivity.

Day 15 atomoxetine. Week 3 of DeAnza Linux class.

I'm at week 3 of my Advanced Linux certificate waiting for class 1/2 to start for the week. This morning I was exhausted hardly felt like getting out of bed but I had to kick myself to go get bank statements, a $20, a rental agreement, and an olanzapine prescription. SSA wants some of these items for SSI and I bought some chew. DeAnza said even though I owe them $57 I can still take the class as it is a debt less than $100. I plan on paying with my SSI.

Found a Python cookbook

I was reading Reddit 'r/devops' and found a Python cookbook for Python 3. I am going to go through it and memorize as much as I can eventually. I am still waiting for Strattera to kick in as this is day 14. It is remarkable. Here is the book if you need it:


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