Why We Started a Cannabis and Lifestyle Site

Welcome to dankchronic.com


Merry Christmas from dankchronic.com. I made dankchronic.com in 2009 to focus writing about the cannabis industry (trends, services, products) and high end lifestyle. This includes documenting my experience with weed and coming out with new articles that stimulate the reader into the vision I have for the business. I wanted to start by talking about cannabis – which is the next 2.0 thing according to Forbes magazine. Cannabis is a great wealth building opportunity in business and I started collecting my domain names in 2009.

The great thing about cannabis is that you can literally smoke it anywhere and in any geographic location. Wealthy or poor can smoke weed provided you’re discreet enough to get away with it. Growing it can be done in any environment as long as you follow a good set of instructions which we may cover at a later time. Getting good weed requires you to do a lot of searching or have good hands as a gardener.

Cannabis will be legal soon in my home state of California. In my experience I’ve found that the weed in Southern California (where I grew up) was better than the weed here in Northern California. Most of the club cannabis I find here is just warehouse grown. Although the weed in Humboldt was good once you get past the tourist trap of Garberville (we finally found from someone at Redwood Park). My goal is to some day soon travel to some places like Monaco and Amsterdam where I will smoke a $200 blunt if my programming/blogging makes a good living. In case you are wondering you can find about smoking weed in Monaco (and other places) here.

Sit back, take your socks off and blaze to infinity with dankchronic.com. Hasta.


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