#SendChuckHome – Fixing the Institutionalist Authority State

Some institutionalist authority state was formed under swift action from Anslinger in an aggressive sensationalized heated “reefer madness” that played on the ignorant and disregarded concerns from medical experts! We’re here to do something about it…Why shouldn’t YOU? WHO does it serve to have this in our law?

Bring out the Jazz musicians of Anslinger’s hate because 1930’s are coming back in a new way… It’s a new day!

Dedicated to Ronald Naulls – Healing Nations collective of Corona, CA. #ClearRonniesRecord


We are anti-monopoly pro freedom of capitalism. If I can’t run dankweed.com shipping center command center from my Atherton, CA home and use Accel Partners to monetize the domain then there is something wrong with #United Nations and America.

There’s not a better way to change the world than this opportunity. The goal of the campaign is to change United States law so that the sale of dankweed.com for $8,000,000 can go through while enabling its use in #global commerce. #SendChuckHome is a call for the citizens of this country to contact @CongressdotGov by Twitter and/or reach out to their respective locally assigned lawmakers about the mission of this campaign. We strongly suggest that you make the strongest impact possible!

By 05/01/18 I’ll be panning down in Palo Alto. The purpose of panning will be to get cash for food, cryptocurrency, and campaign expenses. Everybody that sees my cardboard sign for “#sendchuckhome” can follow my instructions above. You’ll be doing the Earth a favor by insuring we legalize correctly. By contributing you’ll insure that I can enter into my own home. I’ll be able to gain into financial independence, sleep better, eat healthier, set stage to a better personal future, become healthier, and you’ll be investing in opening the #cannabis industry for everybody. People of all economic backgrounds and personal status deserve a shot to make their name ring in the world of #cannabis capitalism.

With your #campaign support I can gain a independent living in the world. I will be able to develop marketable skills since the money will allow me to afford AppAcademy, Linux Academy, and/or even Stanford. We brought this #campaign up because Sen. Tom Tillis mentioned talk of legalization nationwide occurring this year. We will play “Tupac – Soon as I get Home” on a boombox at the University Ave. (Palo Alto) Lytton Plaza and at the MLK Library in San Jose while holding the #cardboard sign.

Protesting for public to engage in congressional contact in front of San Jose’s MLK library will certainly help us get the job done. If nationwide legalization happens it will allow musicians, public figures, and sports athletes to enterprise with cannabis without the legal risk. We believe they might want to get involved and if so we want to take a “podium approach” to this campaign.

With the defeat of the “delta” machine (corrupt federalist power) on the horizon and the amazing “pot legalization” news headlines appearing on Bloomberg don’t miss your chance to change the world by getting the global dream of cannabis commerce. If it makes you feel better: you are helping a disadvantaged person locked a bad situation (GA/minimal job prospects) enter into his ultimate dream of financial independence. Seize the dream! Contact your congress about Sen. Tom Tillis’s statements while sharing your feelings about what I bring up below.

I’m also calling out for all established cannabis domainers such as the NamePros.com forum guys, owners of domains listed at Ganjapreneur, and owners of domains listed at PotDomains.com so we can fulfill the objective here: getting your domain values to where they have to be. Fun fact: You don’t have to see me in action or even know me to do a “#sendchuckhome” success move that benefits your success outcome! Just follow the instructions in this blog post.

Why Congress Messed up on Weed and my Feelings on the Issue

The purpose of #sendchuckhome is to raise awareness of cannabis legalization done true. Cannabis should be openly legal as it was prior to 1937. Sometime around 1937 an “Anslinger” figure appeared hell bent on creating a corrupt business machine against our Mother Earth’s garden. He paved the way for himself off her cannabis plant at the expense of EVERYONE else. By using a racist shock word “marijuana” and falsely testifying that it was a “communism” threat he was able to get a job supporting a “treatment industry”.

Anslinger was intelligent and preyed on an ignorant majority to create a racist, police home invasion, and dog shooting industry. He did not care about anyone but himself. He was said to have skirted past the testimony of medical professionals who were concerned about the proposed ban on a useful component of the pharmacopia.

As a result of the aforementioned well orchestrated lie an entire generation of lawmakers were in mutual agreement that it should be banned. While we think they are crooks for doing this (stealing our Gaia #garden) we do believe in progressive change. Today we (the people of the world) have a moronic law on our codex that was passed from these scandalous Anslinger/Reagan series of events. They stole it from me, they stole it from you, they stole from Ronnie, and they’ll turn us into criminals for resisting their authority on it. As capitalism must prevail so life can go on outside of panning hell we want this to cease. We want a #response from congress on all negative testifying for this event.

If they want to fund DARE to “protect the kids” and enable it in our society then why not? I say keeping it illegal hurts kids worse – they end up taken from families or having their dog shot. I agree to that #DARE #compromise. The corrupt machine was also touched by Ronald Reagan and the “Just Say No” scam. The true opiate of masses is control and brainwashing. This ignorance still fractures our population, ruining our prosperty, invading families, pervades our sports teams with drug testing, and brings disadvantages to those of color/ethnicity. We want to see a #cannabis business landscape that fosters #innovation and see a booming industry worldwide.

Once legal in the United States the removal shall follow on the UN Convention on Narcotic Drugs. We are not greedy about this. Even if we don’t sell dankweed.com or go in business we’re happy to have made aware the truth about legalizing cannabis without the fat of bureaucracy sagging on it. With the oceans what they are how can we afford to not put to good use a greener hemp planet? New age materials like hempcrete can build the legendary #Trump wall, reduce or eliminate styrofoam/paper waste, and thusly improve our ecosystem. Thank you and #God bless you for your panning #patronage.

For congress. from homeless

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