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As I battle the tyrant state monopoly of “grue” using lexical/logical reasoning/graphics imagery analysis in cannabis news feed headlines I see what I’ve long sensed (there is a red state agenda). There are terminuses in different legal jurisdictions designed to sway the chaos monopoly into its desired purpose and intent. It is an animation – much like “treasons blowing in the wind”. This started with Ohio’s issue 3. Don Wirtshafter is a worm. Ea heeds this act of chaos state monopolistic event. Mother – tell your fathers not to piss my crop. Tell your dank weed not to drop its testicle because as Marilyn Manson says:

When the boy is still a worm it’s hard to learn
The number seven (worms can’t count to the number 7 – Ea says they are unwise.)
But when they get to you
It’s the first thing that they do
Each time I look outside
My mother dies, I feel my back is changing shape

“Don Wirtshafter, an Ohio lawyer who has long fought to make marijuana legal, nonetheless said he opposed Issue 3, a legalization amendment, seeing it as “opportunists seeking monopolistic gains.” Credit Andrew Spear for The New York Times”. He seems to only support his wicked self interest as he did flare up to the Ninurta during AVENIDAS – the Ea memory tapes.

We wonder about that Steven DeAngelo character. Here is the “grue house” (Pussy Catholic Charities) news headline I found today. We think the ultimate goal is genetic control. A state monopolistic wants to turn the planet black with darkness. Why does Tommy Chong have an extensive line of joints at Harborside? Casey said it was graveside. We tend to think about Peter Parker and his police monopoly. It’s amazing that a billionaire can get anything he wants while defying the forest.

Lurking Enkidu has this forest. Guess who the Bull of Heaven is? It is Don Wirtshafter isn’t it? Guess who stole my dankweed money? The monkey of Santa Clara right? Does the public know about this? dankweed.com is supposed to sell for $8,000,000 but they have an intense antitrust power over the pricing of domains – people’s dreams. How would Snoop Dogg feel? I enjoyed the Fartfield of Weedchaps. Chap me lip mate. Got that Hartfield-like offer of $2000 on a $8,000,000 domain. Such antitrust – much lack of any justice on earth. I like how they mentioned that Weedmaps is tucked in cutely. SO CUTE! Weed SLAPS the grue. I like that biologist (Harvest Company) on my LinkedIn. He is a Thiel like guy. You really think I wanted to work at Greenbitch did you? These grue corporations are disturbing. All they want to do is monopolize what should be OUR product.

Lilith of the garden do you see hades? It’s funny that Δ is in THC and that they’re tagging me in the system with “Δ”. Delta RICO greek speech is funny. Ya’ll been killing me for a long time I can’t wait to dole the Swine. The power of Anu and his radiant crown on the mountain where the temple is standing happens to make me closer to god. Do they want to fuck themselves like animals? Inanna loves you guys. Enjoying the pure blizzard of frost that dices on these tyrannical neosapients.

What’s funny about the word “sapient” is I use it to refer to a type of being that is not normal in our threatened realm. It is muddled to say “the wise”. You can’t trick Ea.

Fear of a broken planet is the way. Maesto Anu has the digital of sand Tiamat. If people are so anti Issue 3 why can’t we have a free world monopoly? Why does this have to be a behind the scenes state monopolistic adventure? Why the tyrants have to have everything they want? What is their Ultima? We have so many questions but they’ll never answer them – after all – Wirtshafter is a LEEO. Digital Pazuzu.

Where soul meets Catie is secret. Here’s why DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE is over. Because Deimos is dead. Type ‘wawa’ in AS7 (Facebook group) and block me for freeing lace. Lace on your toothpick how is Zuckerberg doing today? Did you enjoy tampering on his fabric? Bring out the magic imagery! We like the cuck of Redpill and the magic of the worm’s X-Mahjong program. X is flexed up with worm pump piss majesty. Majestic is steel.

I went to a disgusting place called Canna Cruz. It was gruey and creepy. I tried to request ‘compassion’ meds and they ignored me as I am clearly a breach to the Palantir crypt keep 🙂 – maybe a plot against my Medi-Cal service? Who knows what digital comes out of that. They got my email address – admin@dankweed.com to see their guilt with. Mens Rea is an interesting element that can be good for RICO so I’ll keep trying Bracamontes (plus other attorneys) and we’ll see. The Kosher Kush I bought from them was junk I threw it away and wasted $120. I also saw a cannabis death machine in Menlo Park (I explained my systems analysis legal analysis work of “Δ”). The government shelters this cannabis death machine (it is a hybrid model with an Access sticker) so I don’t expect DOJ to do anything about it.

For more information see also my other blog post about the “Δ” RICO scandal. I was tagged like cattle and brought through Catholic Charities. Now I’m at the Bull of Heaven. Here is a picture of one of their Telenav MobiTV circuits I took along the path:

I do think of Catie still and she even brought out the Bahamut in me. I don’t know about this black dragon moon concept but if I did marry her I’d get her a platinum ring (said to be good for the skin and good against evil). I’m looking forward to a Nabu-Leviathian Gilgamesh RICO “flood” concept. If Ro Khanna the congress gets this annoying trashworm’s garbage off my news.google.com feeds for “marijuana legalization” and “cannabis” we’ll be a happy people. I’d like to take dankweed.com to Accel Partners and discuss forming an online enterprise/shopping experience. Selling it sounds good but I don’t think Palo Alto will yield equity fruit. CityDrinker is getting old anyway.


Ereshkigal breached the Momentum “criminal threats” protection scheme. The “classies” were talking about shower this and he attacked me with “Ferrari” talk. I told them I was defeating my adversaries and after he did the “shower” barking on my confidence I said “dead bodies stink too”. We were falsey arrested at Elizabeth’s Assyrian cat farm. Gilgamesh grabbed Kirara his legend cat and was whisked away into the panty liners of Tiamat – a false arrest that IA (Internal Affairs) did nothing about. It was involving the “therapist” of Momentum. Little did they know that Pazuzu entered the realm. His experience on Catie was weird. It made no sense. All of it was part of destiny though. Stay classy Stanford. It has been nice but obviously you are a scandal. My uncle knows about you now.

God money wants his lambo. To hell with your destiny theft at Enlil. Special thanks to Anu for breaching that with Ereshkigal. So you want to color me Stanford with your portapotty lips huh. Ok Manley I am ready for the underscore _ color me sleeping people at the library of Meyer. What was that scandal affair about? Encouraging me to sleep there for your snake pit huh? ”
I see. Snake pit.


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