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i'm so lucky 💎

im in the Strattera VIP club I made it took a  dose of 100mg to reach its effect. My room mate (cross bunkey) was speaking on the power of Jesus but I have Iron Will Misharu as a gift for my employment. He (the cross bunkey) caught wind of me channeling to Mushdamma and Gishida. I had to explain it without any BS as it strikes others as odd that I can channel out to Mesopotamian divine sources of intelligence. I am blessed to be on Strattera with it working at such a rockstar fabulous level and  I have Pazuzu too. #scepter I'm kept by the pantheon of divine.

LinkedIn got me the 💵 DevOps salary keys 🗝🔑, moving on from Evans Lane

Keys to understanding DevOps and having experience revealed...

#Kubernetes. If I play this music 🎶 piece on loop while watching the LinuxAcademy lectures I actually get into it. Money bag 💰 path to $140,000 salary in the Bay Area activated. Strattera/Prozac combo gave me some dimension/depth at life inspired by DEFCON 27 (a hacker con in Las Vegas) and EFNet IRC. I'm on Strattera 80mg day 48. With this music I'm into learning Python, Ruby, and Linux for multipurpose use.

De Anza CIS18b: Advanced Linux

Apparently I can take this class in the Winter season. I'm going to Silicon Valley Adult Education while concentrating on developing my fluency in Flask, Python, Git, Ansible, Terraform, AWS, and Vagrant/Virtualbox. I got the comment thread from my question to LinkedIn's DevOps group bookmarked. In this comment thread I ask how to get the experience you need to get a DevOps job since there is no entry-level for configuration management and CI CD experience.

Strattera and the effect of DEFCON

We saw a picture of the CIRA's NIC's networking rack and got an amazing sensation of perspective. It was for DevOps and it had DEFCON's effect to it. Going to get my high school diploma with my SSI $330 a month plus food stamps $190 a month. I'll be doing Ansible, Terraform, Python, Flask, Git, and Jenkins mastery on the side whenever I can. I have to go to four NA or AA meetings per week per my Sober Living Home's requirements.

We're back! #SVAE | DJ Hixxy Taking me Higher 🎶

I'm going back to adult school b/c with SSI and EBT I have the resources to get the diploma. There is some Python I can do for Daniel Wood on the side (scraping Instagram for trademark infringement) that I already have progress on so I'm just going to continue that. It will take maybe 2-3 years to graduate Silicon Valley Adult Education but i got 7 units already plus i did CIS18a: "Intro to Linux" at De Anza college. I'm back! gotta go to SVAE take the assessment tomorrow :) #ccTLDrockstars #DEFCON #hacktheplanet

DJ Hixxy - More and More | no-reply@greenhouse.io is blocked.

Most of my stresses are over. I blocked no-reply@greenhouse.io forever. I got Gishida dawning on me at the sober living house 08/20/19. Nothing but GED, Fitness (we want to install a punching bag there), and solid LinuxAcademy routines. We're into Python :)

Good riddance if I don't need you, Marc gave me $50 for crypto

If you are part of the solution (not the problem) you'll support me and my way. if you just ignore me and hence are soulless/unethical I should erase you. Taos' recruiter beat me to it, that's OK though because I got the last word in (I told the recruiter she was useless and part of the problem not supporting me, just ignoring me when I am struggling to find a job). Dan even questions my use of recruiters, and I have read getting a job through them is like "scratcher" lottery.

New cover letter/resume | Asana application

Today I put my older version of my resume up on the site. My cover letter inspired by Gilgamesh and key to beating competition is also up. I'm the "Grandmaster of Technology" have been since 2001 when I had root on ccTLDs worldwide. I decided to keep myself at that level while touch up the content. What I was left with is a hybrid new and old resume. I applied for ASANA listening to Track 4 of Nine Inch Nails' Quake soundtrack.

I am trying to thrive and live life here

Every day I have to go all the way to that stupid MLK library since this $500 house has no wireless internet. I'm going to have to bust out and unleash my fervor for technology with LinuxAcademy in a routine. Every day early. It is the only way. I have to deal with all the distractions that are around me there, the environment that it is. The ugliness of the city of San Jose. It isn't Palo Alto, but it has to work for now.

42 days of Strattera | missing DEFCON 27

OK. So by day 42 of Strattera (generic atomoxetine) I can feel better dimensions. I saw pictures of DEFCON 27 from someone on my Facebook last night (it came to my attention because he checked in). All the pictures look amazing the scene there looks really cool. I wonder what a ccTLD hacker from the late 90's could do in that setting. Anyway, I really like my domain dankchronic.com it is a really bloggable site. My Alexa.com traffic is around 11.8m.

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