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SSI, Gardner, a $750 starter room, LinuxAcademy, and day 5 80mg atomoxetine

Well all I have is LinuxAcademy and rent paid for a month then my ssi has to pay for my phone, the rent, LinuxAcademy, and ejuice for my vape. I might be short depending on cost of LinuxAcademy but Gardner is hooking me up with groceries. When atomoxetine finally hits I will be turbocharged at doing my dreams.

Day 4 atomoxetine 80mg.

So pleased that Instart's recruiter connected with me via LinkedIn maybe showing up to that event was a good idea. I'd like to work but I have to get marketable skills (LinuxAcademy, Udemy, and I'm rusty with Ruby) before I can be employable. I am on day 4 of atomoxetine 80MG looking forward to new capabilities it definitely hits me from time to time.

Day 27 atomoxetine (day 2 80mg)

I have noticed 2 hits from Samsung on my LinkedIn page. It would be cool to get a job right as the atomoxetine is kicking in! I feel it somewhat, it is like a stimulant but with cleaner energy. Yes it feels better than methamphetamine (which is the ADHD drug 'desoxyn') and safer as it is not a narcotic. I'm listening to See You (Virtual Symmetry) which goes good with the medicine. I've been bedridden most of the day exhausted tired I took several naps.

atomoxetine 80mg - day 26 (day 1 on 80)

I am kicking back listening to some music at my local Starbucks getting ready to receive a big SSI backpay. I am thinking of selling my Dell Inspiron 5482 laptop to get the HP Envy 13" with nVidia graphics and a core i7. I still have not found luck in getting a job I don't "fit the mold" they are extraordinarily strict in hiring people. Even showing some personality like using emoji/saying "wanna" or "hella" will get you rejected. It is a tough beat.

Week 4 Linux class

2 more weeks of JR LINUX at DeAnza. Lots of women today neglected to talk to an awesome looking woman at the library she seemed she would have been receptive as I have good looks. On the bus I caught one chick peeking at me I shoulda been like "peek a boo" or something clever and witty (anything but petrification) but my inability to face fears and go for women makes me apathetic. That or i feel apathetic. I'm not assured of a hire at Samsung for that matter. At least I'm maintaining a A in my first class in over 10 years.

A fury waiting to be harnessed - HealthTap

Just applied for DevOps @ HealthTap. I've been inside their Palo Alto office before, gave an older copy of my resume plus bro fist to an employee there. I sold myself the best I could and will have LinuxAcademy going in two weeks for skill ups. None can stop me. I went to the Social Security office today and they approved my SSI so I will have a little bit of money to improve my skill if Strattera would start working!

Strattera day 23, got atomoxetine 80mg capsules!

I am about to go check out a shared room for rent by SJSU. I went to the pharmacy and picked up my refill of atomoxetine. The capsules are 80mg! Twice the size of the capsules I currently had. I want to learn to code better and yesterday I was feeling capable of taking on Python in a more robust manner than I've ever done it before. Without atomoxetine I can barely do "Hello, world!" in Flask but with the drug I am interested in succeeding with tech.

Nice Laptop, atomoxetine day #22

Ok, so something is hitting me there is noticeably a drug in my system. It is atomoxetine and it is amazing. The drug is active. It will start up by day 30 I'll be in FreeBSD hacker mode learning Python and Linux commandline/code. I made it to class! I am going to have a Linux certificate and I'm interviewing for DevOps at the Smart Machines Group division of Samsung tomorrow at 2:00PM.

Holed up at Evans Lane

I've kind of perched myself in my apartment on a 30 day notice but Strattera is forcing me out to Starbucks for some possible coder practice. There has been no response from that landlord about the room rental near SJSU since I got back with him/her about seeing it so hopefully more rooms pop up on the market approaching the 19th. I have a feeling that they might get back with me later.

Major updates to cover letter/resume, day 21 atomoxetine update

Dependable Charles here. Just sent my resume to LinkedIn.
They always were interested in working with me so I will stay steadfast at vanquishing homelessness from my life's picture stay active stay focused always stay coding/hacking. George from Evans Lane taught me if you keep following up and you show that you have an interest in working (diligence) that helps so I take Mohamed Rafiq's survival skills 101 from LinkedIn and apply it with that.

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