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Stuck in Gentoo Linux, recovering from Greenhouse rejection

There is nothing like feeling as if your efforts to get to where you deserve to be in DevOps will not lead you there. As I walked through San Jose downtown near the civil courthouse I thought about picking up the papers so I can serve. Fortunately I decided that although this is just a major setback - a battle scar - I won't have to sue for economic exclusion in the "CI CD Linux" search on Linkedin and Glassdoor just yet. There is, after all, ZipRecruiter that I don't use as much and we can call this round #3.

From DeAnza and SVAE to DevOps in 6-10 months

I have enrolled to DeAnza College's Intro to UNIX/Linux class.  I'm basically stacking up a bulk of knowledge and getting a high school diploma from SVAE to get my job in DevOps CI CD process engineering going. If this doesn't work then I will consider my legal options for unlawful exclusion from the economy. I'm going to be very well versed at the *NIX command line when I am done. The regular expressions training will help with configuring Apache/Nginx.

How a cigarette at 711 made my day

This is so cool. So I was in a very negative mood over having to sue because they are excluding me in DevOps out of CityDrinker, Inc.. My mood is a reflection of the fact that I could do adult schooling, get my UNIX/Linux certificates from DeAnza college, maybe do LinuxAcademy if need be, and still get excluded. So I am in a total "will sue someone" mood as I am being wronged in the United States.

My writing for the day

Every day I go to Starbucks or the library to use the wireless internet. The Wifi at Starbucks is nice and fast, and my wireless connection reports 270-300Mbits/s as the speed. I get my cup of hot water for my tea that I pick up at Evans Lane (talked about in previous blog) and Starbucks is cool with that. Not having money is a good reason to go to their location because if you don't have internet they'll be kind and let you go online.

There's shit to clean up

Haya, Enki, and Suen stole a window for Chuck.

HAHA hey Enki look what we got at Suen's ROLEX ⌚

Your time is coming! HAHAHAHA


It is called "GLASSDOOR TECH"

and at LinkedIn.com

📑 #civilcomplaintinclusiondillemma

We're making a list of the #shitcompanies. Greenhouse.io was Enki dominator's ragdoll for a moment. We'll tear a carcass of a company open and dump its remains out.


By the way when Rolex wears his gorget he's serious. You better not hide behind Greenhouse.


Why is marijuana so shady? A remarkable Strattera journey.

In the early days of the 1900s marijuana was prosperous and filled with good music. Now it seems to attract negative in its status of illegality. This is a thought piece, and I have noticed negative shadiness since I got my laptop. It is so precious I feel like everyone wants to rip it off. I'm pretty safe though, I know decent people are around and the cops are a call away but still cannot carry mace as a felon in California.

Inspired by my attempt to make a #Facebook post:

Today at Gardner, why I like LinuxAcademy (Dan is finally wrong!)

Gardner's drop in center My life in a nutshell

"Doing a #blog post for dankchronic.com this will be the picture for it. I am #finishing #probation for Judge Manley aim to #graduate for expungement.

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