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Garran the Temple Mystery (methoxy rising)

Garra's magic in jail was amazing. The twinkling sound from Goonies the movie and a lift past the heavens. The high school art was fantastic, and the star patterns of Igigi were supreme. The Palantir "Δ" shrine and the wish crystal came to me in a dream. In the dream Palantir was tricked into taking Nergal. I am special. I have Kishar's crown and a Nutsku. I don't let saggy Instagram define me. All of the magic was in my visual effect, from inside my perspective.

Adult school 🗡 we see the way (Geshtu-e)

I'm adjusting OK to adult school. I got buried alive by the necessary credits requirement (120) so to speak, which sort've distracted me. I managed to get A- on 5 credits for Economics in the last week. The work is now at US History, is harder, and requires more sophistication in the application/organization of thoughts/facts/ideas than I am used to. We have had to adjust and shift gears for this change.

Life after the LinkedIN+boxxy incidents.

This morning was awful I shut down completely couldn't get out of bed. The lack of Strattera (atomoxetine) made my brain feel neurochemically depleted. I thought I was going to end up picked up by medics and taken to the hospital because I could not find a will to continue my life or eat. Since I am basically a dog at Evans Lane I am sick of their feedings. My Gardner FSP worker took me to Panera Bread gave me some food + coffee.

Yay over Catie now [edited]

Anyways I talked about this on Twitter she showed her core to me I gave her enough chances to not be so rotten, see the connection, and be mature. I knew she had mental probs (figured this out eventually) but I was very accommodating.

So it feels good to be free of that it was repressive.

Catie Wayne [edited]

Ok so I was spouting off on Twitter I decided to get a load off my chest. She leaves a 🐐 hanging with this Twitter block and the dead silence too. As I see it I had business assuming she would take kindly to my emailing her. It says 'business only' but family is different. So in my previous blog post I talked about how I always thought she was beautiful maybe a bit exotic on the scale of what she appeared as on RaveLinks.com in 2008 when she blew up..Thus unattainable at the time so I didn't think much of pursuing her.

the original methoxy holds it down here INTRUDER DOMINION FOUND

I remember in jail I was on "divine LSD". Ninurta kept making me laugh my ass off and Ninazu had his arts of the bible (the Praetorium, the sepulchre were part of it, as were the Centurions), and Baba kept bringing out Cyclops. It was funny as hell when Cyclops would come out. Ninkasi and the Enki herald would communicate with Zeus from behind a wall. Enlil wanted to saw the legs off the dominion structure (Sheriff). I saw a Lamashtu from Anu.


My dose of Strattera has been rather weak lately. I had the doctor increase to 40MG which fills sometime this week after healthcare approval. I'm a bit disappointed and am unsure if it is fluoxetine (Prozac) I should be increasing to 50mg instead. Here is the song that I would play on repeat during the "atomoxetine wave":

new gTLD admin or hire part time, dankweed.com™️

I don't know what happens after treatment court probation if I get a new place after Evans Lane I'd need cash. The food will probably be miserable where I end up. Besides who wants to be poor same thing need money.

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