Day 38 of Strattera® (generic atomoxetine)

I just hit day 38 of Strattera® (generic atomoxetine) so I have been taking it for 5.42 weeks. It takes 6-8 weeks to take full effect. So today was awful, I was very tired and slept for 4 hours. I have obtained a year membership for LinuxAcademy 🎉 but can't find a productive drive to do the Intro to Python Development track. When I first thought about getting it the Strattera was making me think it would be fine that I would be really into it.

Instead though I've been putting it off. I don't find it fun to sit and do LinuxAcademy but the first day I ordered it I felt like I could pack a concentration effort on it anywhere. I was doing it at McDonald's on the wifi. I am guessing I need to wait until the 6-8 week mark for atomoxetine to make me capable of doing LinuxAcademy. I'm also not tech involved much so it doesn't matter what I know I can't get a job. When I am good at stuff like DevOps, Nagios, Python, etc. then I can start looking for a job and see if my skills can be put to use.

Right now I can't function. I struggle to find productivity and don't have a drive to get things done. I just want to lay in bed. At the mall on the 5th I picked up some new Adidas® shoes. They are really nice cost me $98. My LinuxAcademy annual membership was $449. I need to get more money. Someone did email me off of my room wanted ad on Craigslist but they stopped talking to me after I said I was in a second chance program for convicted adults and that I had graduated probation.

Linux class final today. I am guessing it will be 100 to 200 questions about the Linux operating system. It shouldn't be that hard as I am good at Linux and read the textbook well. I felt my dopamine spike at the mall the fluoxetine really makes an impact on how I look at the world. It was pretty dope.


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