42 days of Strattera | missing DEFCON 27

OK. So by day 42 of Strattera (generic atomoxetine) I can feel better dimensions. I saw pictures of DEFCON 27 from someone on my Facebook last night (it came to my attention because he checked in). All the pictures look amazing the scene there looks really cool. I wonder what a ccTLD hacker from the late 90's could do in that setting. Anyway, I really like my domain it is a really bloggable site. My traffic is around 11.8m.

Day 40 atomoxetine 80mg.

I'm on day 40 of atomoxetine now. I feel like I can do things I wouldn't normally want to do like practice Flask and take LinuxAcademy courses. I have to finish my "intro to Python development" course. I'm on classes/composition with the lectures. By the time I am done I am going to be heavy into code and Linux. I paid my DeAnza fee so I can take the advanced Linux class pretty soon probably by Winter. I'm listening to Tupac - They don't give a fuck about us.

Day 38 of Strattera® (generic atomoxetine)

I just hit day 38 of Strattera® (generic atomoxetine) so I have been taking it for 5.42 weeks. It takes 6-8 weeks to take full effect. So today was awful, I was very tired and slept for 4 hours. I have obtained a year membership for LinuxAcademy 🎉 but can't find a productive drive to do the Intro to Python Development track. When I first thought about getting it the Strattera was making me think it would be fine that I would be really into it.

Day 4 atomoxetine 80mg.

So pleased that Instart's recruiter connected with me via LinkedIn maybe showing up to that event was a good idea. I'd like to work but I have to get marketable skills (LinuxAcademy, Udemy, and I'm rusty with Ruby) before I can be employable. I am on day 4 of atomoxetine 80MG looking forward to new capabilities it definitely hits me from time to time.

Strattera day 23, got atomoxetine 80mg capsules!

I am about to go check out a shared room for rent by SJSU. I went to the pharmacy and picked up my refill of atomoxetine. The capsules are 80mg! Twice the size of the capsules I currently had. I want to learn to code better and yesterday I was feeling capable of taking on Python in a more robust manner than I've ever done it before. Without atomoxetine I can barely do "Hello, world!" in Flask but with the drug I am interested in succeeding with tech.

Nice Laptop, atomoxetine day #22

Ok, so something is hitting me there is noticeably a drug in my system. It is atomoxetine and it is amazing. The drug is active. It will start up by day 30 I'll be in FreeBSD hacker mode learning Python and Linux commandline/code. I made it to class! I am going to have a Linux certificate and I'm interviewing for DevOps at the Smart Machines Group division of Samsung tomorrow at 2:00PM.

Day 16 atomoxetine. ccTLDs and Curtner Studios!

Whoa. I am feeling the after effects of Strattera's concentrated peaks this morning. I feel definitely capable but no inclination to dive into Linux/Python just yet. No curiosity for code or desire to start driving a car has developed yet. Believe me though when the drug kicks in full I will be very active in productivity.

Atomoxetine day 13

I feel it a bit. Last night I felt like walking to the library and being a Pythonista (for work and money, need a car). I had positive thought processes last night when things were negative. Today I felt it a little so far too. I got lifted when my friend Zhou liked my LinkedIn post. I felt like doing CI CD pipelines for practice. The urges to do things kicks in every now and then (the medication is hitting me in waves), but nothing solid yet.

Cracking a high salary: adapting to CI and CD DevOps

Also - Strattera day 12.

Cracking high salary DevOps, topic says it all! Need my SSI to start LinuxAcademy and I feel like if I understand CI and CD and have how to do the work down then I can beat an interview. Plus Strattera. Nothing like doing an interview and having no concept / understanding of the work!

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