Day 38 of Strattera® (generic atomoxetine)

I just hit day 38 of Strattera® (generic atomoxetine) so I have been taking it for 5.42 weeks. It takes 6-8 weeks to take full effect. So today was awful, I was very tired and slept for 4 hours. I have obtained a year membership for LinuxAcademy 🎉 but can't find a productive drive to do the Intro to Python Development track. When I first thought about getting it the Strattera was making me think it would be fine that I would be really into it.

Day 4 atomoxetine 80mg.

So pleased that Instart's recruiter connected with me via LinkedIn maybe showing up to that event was a good idea. I'd like to work but I have to get marketable skills (LinuxAcademy, Udemy, and I'm rusty with Ruby) before I can be employable. I am on day 4 of atomoxetine 80MG looking forward to new capabilities it definitely hits me from time to time.

Today at Gardner, why I like LinuxAcademy (Dan is finally wrong!)

Gardner's drop in center My life in a nutshell

"Doing a #blog post for this will be the picture for it. I am #finishing #probation for Judge Manley aim to #graduate for expungement.

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