From DeAnza and SVAE to DevOps in 6-10 months

I have enrolled to DeAnza College's Intro to UNIX/Linux class.  I'm basically stacking up a bulk of knowledge and getting a high school diploma from SVAE to get my job in DevOps CI CD process engineering going. If this doesn't work then I will consider my legal options for unlawful exclusion from the economy. I'm going to be very well versed at the *NIX command line when I am done. The regular expressions training will help with configuring Apache/Nginx.

I am not worried much about the intro class, it is the advanced class that I need to do. It teaches SVN (Git) and advanced use of sed/awk, more shell scripting topics, etc. I'm very excited that I'm going to school and that I have a laptop to get me through it. Working in DevOps will make me a success with a car and housing. It is amazing to go from chronic homelessness and poverty to coming up in to the #fastlane.

Instagram Post of a Lamborghini

Anyone can get to DevOps and do it well. I'm involved with it to live the life I want to live not so much out of passion. If I continue to get rejected I will have to file a lawsuit to protect my interests of a disrespected engineering background out of CityDrinker and ccTLDs. Here is a good article guide on how you can become a DevOps engineering professional also.

I'm going to be pimping my blog up as time passes so do be sure to come back often! I might also take a Python class at San Jose City College, and if you are into the life of a struggling engineer getting ahead in Silicon Valley then bookmark us and come back often (Ctrl+D in Firefox).

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