Ideas to code in Flask + NodeJS

The best thing I can think of to code is something that lets you publish your thoughts, ideas, graphics, or videos like Facebook notes but better, perhaps with some CSS styling themes (custom via marketplace), user accounts, your own subdomain, etc. I wonder what I can make with this combo. NodeJS can probably make for some exciting smaller components of such a platform for publishing. I was going to make a simple IRC bot or nslookup AJAX tool, but that isn't very original.

Ideastorming is how you break new frontiers in code. I solved my issue. I have to innovate some way to do something original on the internet to make something Githubworthy and add to the progress of my life. This will in turn get me going with Jinja2 (a component for templating in Flask) which in turn gets me going for Flask so DevOps can click better. My roadmap to a DevOps future will be. This isn't rocket science but it will take some originallity and creative intellect.

It is amazing what a person's creative originality can produce. Giant things like Facebook have been done before so if I want to make something new and inventive that has never been done before I will find my path in the precisions of code.


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