The simple yet powerful Flask

Flask - Web Development one Drop at a Time

We see the power in "Hello, world.", a simple way yet an applied power exists in it all code designs. We understand and can now approach with our new Capability™️. Seeing the intense capabilities of programming from such a tiny bit of code like this gives us remarkable power in understanding the power of code entirely. We also see unit testing as a way for bugchecking your code. We learned about 'nose' from Daniel (see a link to his wonderful Flask and nose tutorial at the end of my first blog post)

For awhile I was stuck bored at the basics of Flask, now I can intricate better with my Geshtu-e. Stuck previously in struggle our Chuck pulls on top prior to receiving his copy of the Flask Megatutorial from Amazon and interviewing for Groq in Mountain View. Armed with his trusty .vimrc including some Vundle plugins he can effectively manage his way through writing Python code (for Flask or Jinja+Salt) better. With the right keybindings in Vim Chuck can toggle the NERDtree plus view Python docs in a separate window.


Chuck's computer - Dell Inspiron 5482With access to Python's documentation via the 'dir()' function in the CLI he will be unstoppable at writing code effectively on his laptop. We are also into NodeJS, the flexibility of application development can be wonderful to apply in practice so we want to do something with NodeJS if at all possible. Javascript only brings Chuck closer to cutting edge microservices design in DevOps code deployment scenarios. Chuck can also leverage tmux if need be, but has to rebuild his cheatsheet to navigate with shortcuts.

The guide we will be using here on out is the Full Stack Python website with its links and the HackerRank challenges to test our aptitude. Good luck and happy coding! 🤠 Yee haw!





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