HackerRank has me stumped, Paris Jackson, and Oakland psychedelics

After a Twitter user likened her medical marijuana use to "meth," Paris Jackson defended her choice by saying the substance was "prescribed to me to help with my depression, anxiety, ptsd, and insomnia”

From People Magazine.

It is true, she would not be a "druggie". Using the herbal remedying effects of marijuana has been even stated in the early 1900s when doctors objected to banning of the healing plant Cannabis Sativa L. Not enough study had been done into its effect as medicine and this had doctors concerned. If someone finds relief from their medical problems with the plant it is wrong to unfairly or harshly criticize them.

We believe firmly at Dank Chronic Productions/Enterprises (whatever we decide to name ourselves) that people should not be criticized unfairly for personal choices. While you are taking your Xanax for anxiety calling someone a "druggie" is out of the question. The cannabis is far safer than taking benzodiazepines which has caused people to wake up in jail after blacking out. It is a better life enjoying the moments in a baked awe.

Cannabis even gives you a mellow touch - its wake-n-bake afterglow to remember the experience with. Just for that alone, Paris, you're far more valuable than an ugly opinion coming at you. Continue to have the finer experiences nature intended for us and may I see you all in Amsterdam at Easy Times where Jay-Z goes, or wherever else sometime soon.

I have been doing Hackerrank Python for concepts  in code to be more memorable. Stuff like if/then/else syntax, stuff that matters most. The one I'm stuck on is the leap year function, which doesn't seem to work correctly after at least 10 tries now. Good thing I'll never have to come up with a leap year function while working.  I may have to use Stackoverflow to solve it, but I'm trying not to.

In other stuff to report, Oakland legalized psychedelic plant based drugs like Ibogaine, Ayahuasca, and mushrooms. It would be cool to go visit Oakland! Would I trip? Probably if it were under a bridge with comforting graffiti or a hotel room. I can't really trip in my current financial situation but Oakland has its way with improving the quality of living for its citizens. I anticipate better property value there which leads to better quality of life.

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