A red Lamborghini, my family with dankchronic.com and the international Hoover house of fury, and in with Instart

Yesterday I went to a corporate meetup event at Instart Logic, Inc. They made me feel really welcome at their company, at times saying they're hiring for reliability engineers and they were kind about my vaping to relax outside which was nice. I met up with their team in Palo Alto and got to know their general business (what they do). It was a cool event they had a raffle for a Nintendo Switch which I did not win but I won a business card opportunity from head of security (Ron) and get to talk with him soon.

I don't know to what extent they hold Hacker Rank to be the top standard of programming value because I am stuck on the leap year problem (I think it is the fourth one in the series for the Python domain). Good thing I can probably skip all that stuff because I am in touch with the head of security. I do have a Github which I am adding to the top of my website today. I took a couple pictures on the Instagram one of AME Cloud Ventures' office and another of a red Stanford bus. Apparently there was a sign from the heavens on the way to Instart Logic, Inc's office.

On the way to Instart's meetup I was discussing the Lamborghini and dankchronic.com dream with Geshtu-e, the real Geshtu-e from the Mesopotamian Atrahasis myth who I'm working with alongside Enlil to get me structured up for the big picture - work + school. If you ever hear me talking to myself or think I am talking to you and I'm not that is me communicating with the Mesopotamian divine to align myself up to a healthy and successful life.

Anyway, during the Lamborghini discussion with Geshtu-e suddenly on the side of our VTA bus a RED Lamborghini speeds by. Since the picture of the Lamborghini I had just posted on Instagram was also red it made me think it was a sign for Igigi or Anu of the heavens. The "Bull of Heaven" as we call it was just coming by (there is a bull in the Lamborghini logo). We chase that bull!

I experienced the heavens in a magic Gerra window of vision while incarcerated. It was a mystical experience. Palantir's 'Δ' shrine took the wish crystal from us in Gerra's dream evoking Nergal and the 'Δ' of MachineZone was met with our divine connections. I still claim Gilgamesh at work and told Brad (the future hiring manager) that I will be a "command line king". It is good that Instart Logic broke the ice with me I was very much struggling with feelings I was being excluded from employment they gave me the opportunity and I could have done better I admit like clipped my nails or dressed up a little but I did fine. I was very outsider to Palo Alto after a Palantir nightmare and MachineZone's head of security threatening to call the cops on me.

Palantir lied to the police said I threatened to kill them which resulted in my probation. MachineZone didn't take kindly to writing them letters from jail (even though their recruiter contacted me) and called Judge Manley's district attorney warning that they would call the police if I contacted them 1 more time. Even though Palantir and Machine Zone did wrong in my eyes it worked out because I got closer to technology in my work got myself a nice NVMe SSD laptop from Gardner Criminal Justice FSP to practice Flask and Jinja on and am covered with my phone bill for a few months.

Instart's people made me feel both welcome in a sense I could possibly come work there and Ron wants me to touch base which I will do as adult school approaches. I mentioned that I'm covering all my "fronts" - adding school to the picture since work wasn't materializing. That's the meaning of life - to put everything together. Taking life as it comes, so to speak and filling it with things to do.

I had to tell them the reason I came to the Bay Area after CityDrinker. It was to find the meaning of life. At age 7 I met Christine Poon at her Hoover House with Michael Tweedle, a Kung Fu maniac professor! Poon was a Forbes most powerful woman and the Dean of business at Ohio State. She shook my hand while 7 years old and eventually by 5th grade I was photographed in the "Future Stanford Alumni" shirt.

I never knew the meaning of that shirt so I wanted to explore the Palo Alto area more. While at CityDrinker I couldn't find my calling so I decided to leave (it was nice, they housed me there) and found myself homeless in the Bay Area for awhile. I explored Stanford but they ended up prosecuting me for trespassing because I would sleep there and was really lazy about leaving (think too comfortable). I just wanted to be safe.

The stay away order is in effect but one cop said if I have business with the institution that is a reasonable cause to be there. I ran into my trouble with Palantir emailing their recruiter too much got a restraining order they lucked out and won. My drama with Palantir evolved one day while panhandling in Palo Alto nobody would give me any money so I got very frustrated.

I went into Palantir's office and was in a stressed out state of delusion that a rocket was going to hit their building so I told them that so I got arrested the next day for "criminal threats". I had to get my life in shape, and from what you see here I sound like a bad guy probably but that is not necessarily the case. I have made great recovery in my way from the mental distress that "panning" (short for panhandling) on University Avenue would cause. Nobody gives you anything and it can lead to a stressed out state which Gardner Criminal Justice FSP and Evans Lane is providing relief from.

Daniel Wood my supervisor from CityDrinker and a former Pricegrabber software engineer tells me it is better to work and make myself useful to others. So I'm taking his advice. Anyway sometime while growing up my dad bought me a potleaf wallet and I owned pothead.org. My acquisition of dankweed.com and dankchronic.com came prior to legalization I plan working toward a Lamborghini and @coffeeshopbagheera60 started following me again on Instagram.

They are a kind coffeeshop for doing that and always my favorite I love the Jungle Book panther logo. They came to me because they thought I was posting negative stuff on their profile. I said no, put a picture of two dogs hugging and we made friends again it is no hard feelings sorry about that. I get stressed out easily sometimes.

TMZ reports that marijuana should be legal in 3 years leaving me with a premium keyword generic domain "dankweed.com" to eMarket some cannabis products from. I'm looking forward to networking with the Dutch and other international folk on Instagram. My experience with ccTLDs helped me pick out really good domains and understand the registry at its core. I would sit through ideas of .com's to buy and 2009 left me with a Basic Fusion registrar expiring domain that can get me money in the weed business.

Michael Tweedle's gift of an international coin collection as a child and Hoover House as a youth got me cultured for the prestige of Silicon Valley (mainly Stanford and Atherton). My Dank Chronic Enterprises (dankchronic.com) is internationally prestigious and @dankchronic continues to do well on Instagram. Instart's head of security (Ron) and their engineer Brad want me to get in touch. Brad does very sophisticated things like the Kubernetes and visualization of the pipeline charts.

The name of the taller engineer who explained their Salt configuration was not as memorable. They explained their infrastructure to me which I amazingly took to an understanding of. I exuded a technical confidence on Strattera that was very helpful. I told Ron as he gave me his business card that I want to be an asset. A ccTLD DNS background is really unique to have in Palo Alto for both security and my interest in learning Salt shows up strongly on the other side of the Ops equation.

I'm practically a monster out of CityDrinker that is hard to compete with. If I get my ability together with their help I can be a fierce one to compete with. Their employee Daniel talked to me encouraged me to try Hang Ops on Slack for CI CD DevOps but I did explain to their recruiter that I'm keeping my doors open to the future of engineering. Here's the picture of the Stanford bus with a link to Gilgamesh's Bull of Heaven story (with the Lamborghini).

Stanford Marguitte Shuttle


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