I'm a marijuana and hemp professional on Instagram

I'm a marijuana and hemp professional on Instagram and dankchronic.com. As far as a job I don't know if I'll ever find code interesting enough. Perhaps with more atomoxetine I will get there. The goal was to use the job to save for the business (like for a sales permit it is $5000 in CA) but I can't seem to get a job. Therefore I'm just not into code. I'm not sure why I can't get a job.

I've got to do the code to get the job but Dan says it is my mouth and that I already can code. I don't understand why it would be my mouth but I never got back in touch with Instart about working there (or Groq, yet). Instart did mention that some positions would open up eventually, even internships. Perhaps just the right amount of Redbull® will align with the Strattera® and make me find Python (particularly Flask and Jinja2) interesting so I do it.

I can't do things I don't find interesting, even if it is for money. I'm really not in it for the money. My domains will be worth $4,000,000 in ten years so I _try_ to care I really do but it seems like there is no compromise when it comes to working things out with an employer. I'm sort've seeing salary and work as not the biggest deal when it comes to being a millionaire. I did just add 2 years to dankchronic.com too.

I'll eventually be trying to craft a site for dankchronic.com with Flask or Pyramid too. I also own weedcash.com, but don't know what I'll do with that. Getting into code will insure I'm ready for the next level of business which is critical. Maybe a Top Shelf Club can feature goods for the backends of Holland online and I'll do ecommerce for awhile. It is the fire 🔥 of Bagheera that keeps me going (my fans on IG are incredible). I'm loving the idea of coming up with a business for dankchronic.com.

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