The Advent of Starboy

Flat Lamborghini from Instagram

Hi. I am at Starbucks again really bored so I decided to type this up. I'm drinking some of my traditional black tea and listening to Starboy. "Starboy" is an international phenomenon, with his early hacking roots in DNS (ccTLDs), his later-in-life acquisition of an international presence for all things weed / Linux CI CD DevOps (, and his larger-than-life MIT/BBC feature as well as his knack for tmux and Vim I proceed to enter certificate courses at DeAnza.

There is a deal coming up I'm sure, I have two coffeeshops following me on Amsterdam and the vision for isn't quite complete as I'd like it to be. I got sloppy at it and tried to make myself known to other ones like Funkey Monkey and Easy Times. They probably think I am not as versed in business as I'd like to be. I need good content, and it is hard to create.

My boredom is driving me to ineptly put things on Instagram that are not that memorable or unique. This is not the Starboy I want to send the message of being. The true Starboy has his international prestige down (had an international coin collection as a youth), and is into Stanford/learning multiple languages. The CISSP is a Starboy effect, someday after working or school maybe I can enter one then do new gTLDs.Starboy DevOps

Donuts, Inc. almost hired me before (at least, they said they needed someone). I've also interviewed at Rasmus Lerdorf's WePay, Samsung Strategy and Innovation, Facebook, and more. I'm from CityDrinker in 2011 I entered my first company. My resume is just some fluff I put out to get attention, but I definitely toned it down a scale so that I wasn't getting managers that think I am more defined in tech than I can possibly be. Whenever I hear The Weeknd's Starboy I get into this dimension (tech/DevOps/dankchronic prestige) and it is pretty cool, it inspired me to write this so go listen to his music if you want.

I'm keeping as strictly cutting-edge corporate while dabbling in travel. I want to see where it takes me as far as international value. Networking is tough for me as I'm not even high school educated yet. I plan on doing something about that this June. Strattera at 25mg works in and out. I feel it right now but wasn't quite into it earlier. Maybe it is my happiness from writing this.

I do enjoy writing for an audience. There is nothing subject wise that comes to mind at this time but I have at least 4200 friends on Facebook and feel free to send a friend request if you like. They say in science people with more social network connections are more intelligent and sophisticated in their cognitive domain. That is definitely the case, and serves to make me feel better about who I really am. I work to improve myself I'll be trying to cap out on social media. I'm also on LinkedIn as a professional.


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