Only the dank will survive, my employment struggle

Starboy WorldwideThere's something iconic about @dankchronic posting a picture of Goa Coffeeshop's herb essentially promoting it to 4200 users on Facebook. In an era showing progress toward marijuana legalization, it represents well in the struggles to legalize cannabis worldwide. For the record, this was the Instagram post I shared (on the left). We have gotten to the finish line in this era where we're legalizing cannabis, and although it has made me very fortunate it is taking a lot longer than I want it to.

I often hear that Facebook is the worst platform to be advertising marijuana related businesses on and while that may be the case, I've had great success with Instagram. Let me tell you, the quality of herb I want to put before a live audience is #1. Only the dank will survive in the new world cannabis economy. So if you aren't growing up to par with the rest of your competition you may be out on expenses. This is why I connect with the best suppliers throughout the world to insure that when that day of legalization (as in, can ship marijuana) comes, you'll be able to find the best herb for your needs in one place.

Now on to other matters. I stated before that I'm looking for a job in DevOps, this includes AWS and cloud engineering. I currently live in the Silicon Valley and having my own apartment, money to save to grow my cannabis business, and having an Alfa Romeo Giulia TI is a must. To achieve this level of earning potential I've taken to the book study mentioned in my previous post. This is likely the first time that a somewhat disabled person, mentored by Daniel Wood (former PriceGrabber software engineer), that has asset interests in the global cannabis market, enters the picture of employment in the local Silicon Valley area.

I'm enrolled in Silicon Valley Adult Education. I was originally going for my GED, but when they mentioned they do real adult diplomas I figured problem solved. I'll learn to write better and gain Algebra skills which is great because "discrete math" is essential to computer programming. I don't know how much of a programmer a DevOps engineer is, or if "discrete math" will necessarily help. Apparently all they do is orchestration in infrastructure as code and microservices.

I got rejected a couple of times because I wasn't Kubernetes experienced, which made no sense you see you have to get the job to get the experience so it felt like they were letting me (a jewel of talent) off with hard rejections. The best I can be is Kubernetes ready with labs from LinuxAcademy, and if they want to waste my time I need to learn to hang up on them or in other words, get more serious. I'm just doing this blog to fill in the time and author something for the day, and I hope you're at least entertained. To vent here is not my intention.

Once I have real college certifications added to my resume I should be in the game with employment. My experience with ccTLDs will be augmented with amazing UNIX / Linux command line power. Power which is not respected or recognized *yet* but should be. I'm listening to a newly discovered artist, Chipzel on Youtube Music and am enjoying my subscription. As a millenial I come from a pretty valuable and rare perspective.

It is that perspective (ccTLD hacking as a teen) that I'm thinking will get me in entry to a company, doing what I enjoy. I have had success with interviewing. An in person with TripActions got cancelled when they ghosted me. All I told them is that I was collecting sensibilities with Nisaba/Nidaba. It took making them look bad in front of my audience on Twitter using Enki dominator to get them to respond after that and they still ghost me, it is so obvious they just want to restrain me like Palantir did (Companies shouldn't ghost, it makes them look unhealthy). 

I can code really well when my Strattera is increased (I'm only on 25MG). The Strattera almost worked well the other night and made me feel like it was basic/easy stuff to write code. Kind of like in the past at MSJC when I wrote RealtXpress in Ruby - it just flowed naturally. I even earned a C++ certificate with a 99% score there. I feel like my experience is a bit old/dated, so I put CityDrinker as 2018 instead of 2011 just to get attention, which works better than putting that I've been there for 7 years.

You see when a practical god of technology comes gracing their employment boards, and they continually refuse to hire that said god for Linux administrator on a salary it gets to one psychologically. Eventually I got to CityDrinker, yes, but it wasn't my ideal company nor did it pay enough. I left in November of 2011 to come to Palo Alto, California to figure out my Stanford University problem, essentially the meaning of my life. My father put me in a "Future Stanford Alumni" shirt as a youth and I always wondered if I would get that degree.

That place Palo Alto (America's most educated city according to that blog in the link) continually starved me (refused to give while panhandling), refused to hire me, and outcasted me with a place called Palantir. I did not feel welcome, and they should be ashamed of themselves. When I was studying for my GED they would NEVER give anything except once or twice on Christmas/Thanksgiving and if someone even handed me a dollar sometimes people would get angry. So for GED coercion into starving I say they are a duncehat city. They false arrested me at Enki too, pigs.

I may never make my original dreams of being at Stanford or be in a high end equity company in Palo Alto, Menlo Park, or near Atherton (Redwood City is somewhat acceptable) out of CityDrinker and be at least on a PATH to that education - but should I try? I'm really fortunate to be in weed folks, because it looks like that area has and always will be full of evil. I'm going to run my own e-commerce machine solution to find the best weed somehow, or be a bud tester/sales man. It isn't exactly my dream of technology, which I am still going to pursue a job in it (despite getting very unwelcoming, rude, and unwarranted reactions from these companies).

To add salt to the wound, MachineZone threatened to call the police on me for writing them letters requesting information about their company while I was incarcerated for Palantir's problem. They (Palantir) lied and told the cops I threatened to kill them and I ended up with charges. Now I have to complete Judge Manley's treatment court (I ended up with a laptop, so no hard feelings on that so far). These companies are not your friend, they are not kind, they are astoundingly selfish and Jack Dubie, an acquaintance I met via contacting Stanford's CS department sits on a pedestal of pretentiousness at his altar of Ladder hoisted by his master's degree telling me to give up and go to work at McDonalds or Goodwill 🖕.

I recall telling Facebook that " don't play with hacker way" in 2016. It is true, I ( legend of the 'net) don't waste my f'ing time with monkeying in code portals to be judged by unfair angles critically by their Production Engineering recruiters, and I also didn't want to waste their time. They (PE) got concerned when I used 'phpsh' to test my code at a SSH shell prior to entering it into the portal. I wasn't ready in 2016 for Facebook and excuse me but all this psychopathy and evil has (now had) me a bit discouraged from the computing scene? You ever figure? ...and I'm on it.

Each time I had a functioning Drupal site, once with a picture of a fun zone file for with ns1 and entered at a terminal, in my Danland theme slideshow. I know. With Strattera (medicine), Gardner FSP's laptop gift, Pazuzu, and Baba I'm finding novelty in aspects of technology that were once sagging. Recovery has been a slow process, requiring medical effort. I even had to create a new Glassdoor account just to apply my new self (after education) to these same companies again and I really don't like the way a ccTLD rockstar has been treated in the peninsula thus far.

I maintain my social media influence. My awesome cryptocurrency/weed @dankmarket account on Twitter is doing OK. Enki gives a 👍 to dominating that place each and every time. I'll continue to update this blog as life advances. A few haters came to me on Instagram, one on Twitter.

Hacking ccTLDs with a Network EngineerI've accepted that there will likely a reconciliation between the peninsula and I - that I will eventually find my way there. Won't I be too old for Stanford? I'm already 36, and mind you this is a prestigious one, for just a chance at Stanford I don't know that it is worth it. Palo Alto is a beautiful place, the houses are great. So I don't know what to do really.

If I went for a degree I'd be practically 50 years old by the time I am done paying for it given this economy. Will it give you Kubernetes as experience? Doubtful. I'd still want to be with the very best companies equity performance all that. I say Lambo into the sunset with, is it possible? Time will tell. 🌇 Cannabis today is probably going to be two or three years before everyone accepts it.

Cannabis today is like how bitcoin was yesterday now look, AT&T plus Starbucks with the Winklevoss guys accepted or currently accept cryptocurrency. 12:08PM - Conclusion to my story: Anyway, #Enki magic got also me into a starboy #moment with #Ninhursag during incarceration. It was a fun moment in a shitty circumstance. You know for a #DNS, programming, and #Linux/#hacking expert they (employers) sure are snobby underappreciative shits in the #SF #bayarea #peninsula. This is also coming from a #disabledintech they claim #inclusion in this demographic I say #bullshit.

I will end up a HS diploma w/ college level UNIX and Linux only to be rejected for no "Kubernetes" experience again so in getting #LinuxAcademy to train with Kubernetes labs I am essentially forced to be dishonest and represent live labs as "experience™" and craft up a story on how I used it. There is no "middle of the road" job for #Kubernetes. #paloalto #equity #startup #experience #bullshit #menlopark #jobmarket #wasteoftime #tryingtogethired #structure #adultschool



I am a good guy just get shit on a lot by these pretentious companies. So snobby jeez. Forcing me to go all out and be a supergeek and shit. Hacking the planet and being a living legend like Zero Kool from "Hackers" and being from CityDrinker wasn't enough to get any sort of adoption in this industry - Stanford shit on me too. Gardner FSP had to get my laptop and I'm still struggling. #pazuzu will break code/companies. we will keep trying #yallbetterreconcile #appreciateyourtechstars #fuckoff

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