LinkedIn and Inclusion, a real falsehood

I see all these rainbows #linkedin but what love do u have for a #disabledintech but for prejudice and discrimination? there is no diversity here in #SiliconValley all you nutballs wanna do is call the cops on me and lie to then too (cough Palantir/Box) oh well i try again shed my molt #metamorphosis come back a caterpillar this time we will see at Round #3 Glassdoor/LinkedIn. Strattera at work will come I can freelance Flask for the next decade I'm down to ride that 🚂

ever since leaving LA from CityDrinker I strove to make it as engineer and get into Stanford all these liars did was call the cops and I see a false in their inclusion commitments for gays and such. I see evil. I bet you even with Strattera they continue to outcast and deny a golden one. The one of ccTLDs taking Daniel Wood (Pricegrabber former employee) for his advice just get a GED and work so I choose Palo Alto, where I am comfortable. What do you bring to me aside from pride lies? You psychos are quick to harass the disabled. We'll see.

yeah right silicon valley tries to sell itself on gay pride / inclusion they have a discrimination / exclusion of a disabled problem called Charles Thompson to deal with next go around. i keep getting told "oh go do consulting" and dismissed around god damnit i do not want to work at taos. stop patronizing me. im an equity performer always have been since I heard about Dan and Pricegrabber.


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