Atomoxetine 40mg day 4

Had a problem with irritibility felt depleted and depressed for the last 24-48 hours which is a bad side effect that occurs when the Strattera is kicking in. It always gets better. This is my second time on the drug (I went without for like 8-10 days so it has to build back up inside me). The people at DeAnza College made me feel more welcome so I didn't flip out or get angry in Cupertino.

I am beginning to get the sensations. They're amazing. That song Darkman007 "Sad Song" on Youtube takes me to the level I want to be at. Strattera is a remarkable substance and is starting to poke me through the clouds of amazing sensations each and every day. 40MG is definitely very strong. I'm happy to say that Dr. Mai gave me 2 refills so I don't have to worry too much like I would with Adderall or Vyvanse - less maintenance to keep on the drug.

So today I felt some really good sensations, all in all very nice. Atomoxetine is truly a miracle gift and I'm really happy Dr. Mai gave me a supply of the drug. I managed to finish Chapter 3 of A Practical Guide to Linux (Sobell / Helmke) for my Advanced Linux certificate class. When I'm done I can move on to a job as a system administrator or stay in school for some additional programming classes.

I do believe I will obtain a job on this medication, and it will be gainful. My disability ends pretty much although I still have an application for SSI with the SSA. With CityDrinker and ccTLDs (BBC, MIT) on my resume I have the experience to be 'starboy' which essentially is clout I use to get the job. I also have a story about napster I tell employers. He made a DNS spoof with my IRC nickname in it when I was a kid.

We all knew each other through the old EFNet. I learned about the history of Linux and the idea of free software which came from Bell Labs / academic research institutions. Advanced Linux teaches sed, awk, grep, regular expressions, and shell scripting which will be helpful. The Linux book is almost perfect, my only criticism is that it claims to teach Python 3 on the front but only covers Python 2. That's OK Python has a 2to3 utility in PEP which handles this nicely.

I'm just laying in bed watching the ⌚ waiting for atomoxetine to kick in. It is the most amazing drug ever. It gives me sensations like I can do anything. I love to code and get into systems. It will accelerate my way into getting hired soon. I have found that there is discrimination but since this makes me above the neurotypical I will prevail with ADHD. I would have never read my book if it wasn't for the drug affecting productivity.

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