Atomoxetine day 5, applied for Confluent DevOps role...

Today marks the fifth day of atomoxetine. I felt really good a couple of times today and the drug is steadily building up in my body. I was about to apply for Adobe but it said they background check (I plan on taking my treatment court graduation and moving into an apartment when I have a job..I have 8 more months to stay at Evans Lane while I focus). It didn't strike me as equity worthy or from a career trajectory perspective something that would get me ahead, so it wasn't worth applying for to deal with the hassle of being told I can't accept a position for whatever my background has right now (I'm sure you get the idea).

I had to do a blog just to feel like I got something meaningful done today. The role at Confluent looks acceptable from my perspective. It matches the evolution I am aiming for (Palo Alto -> Menlo Park or SF) and I can go to Palo Alto Adult School to get my GED after work each day. There are plenty of fitness options for me to get into in the local area.

In an effort to be taken seriously I am not going to do things that allow me to be perceived as unemployable. I would be hard on myself if I said complaining about not getting laid is crass, but you get the idea. I had an episode of irritability (a temporary side effect of Strattera) a few days back which caused me to lose about 5 followers on Twitter. They were decent quality followers, so it affected me a little but I can build them back up.

I've been waiting ⌚ for the atomoxetine to kick in. I should have a full effect and be ready for interviews by day 10. I'll be more alert, articulate, and less lacking confidence sounding.  I tested some of my speaking abilities at the Evans Lane Narcotics Anonymous meeting, and I noticed I had marked improvement in articulation. This medication is amazing I look forward to hearing from Confluent and if not I'm not allowing myself to react in irritibility.

The only reason I recovered was because people at DeAnza College are welcoming to me and I'm on my way to an Advanced Linux certificate. Everything is lining up well. Thanks for reading.

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