Atomoxetine 40mg day 6!!!

I am starting to feel its effects in a more pronounced way. I am doing my chore for 5 points at Evans Lane after this blog post. I have to do 5 points per week as per their structure. All in all I need to find employment so I can tell Judge Manley's court to graduate me. I am opting to put off graduation so I can have shelter in the Bay Area.

Yeah so I need an employer. Ideal employer isn't hypercritical or hypersensitive toward my natural personality and just lets me work. That's all I care about. Tomorrow is the first day of Week 2 Introduction to Linux at DeAnza College in Cupertino. I'm doing OK in the class thus far.

I like using as my mainstream tech blog to captivate my audience and also give a more carefree vibe toward employment. Nobody wants an employer that is so strict they reject you because of your personality, so this website helps buffer off all of the negative employers. It is a work in progress but after I work somewhere in DevOps earn some equity I want to get into the weed business internationally within 10 years.

By doing that I'll be able to afford the Lamborghini and I know business doesn't come easily but I am learning FLASK so I don't have to use Shopify. It would be cool to be Holland's backend globally since I am followed by 2 coffeeshops and thecannabisauthority on Instagram.

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