Motivated CI CD process engineer / Linux SRE for hire.

Motivated CI CD process/site reliability engineer for hire. Seeking work where the labor is feasible. I will coordinate my credit files to get the Alfa Romeo Giulia TI w/ driver's training and get an apartment near the job. Woke up thanks to Reddit's r/almosthomeless all those scenarios really got my 🐐.

Speaking of goat...
Goat of EFNet

I'm the original goat of EFNet. I hacked. I had my ways with #warez and #RAZOR1911. I've had root on ccTLDs. I'm the rare millennial noted for BitchX at MIT and hacked the planet when I was 16. An old internet legend of our exploits in ccTLDs was documented by the BBC and discussed on Slashdot. I'm seeking a way to get the vision of Lamborghini accomplished. Need a job to survive and save up for a few years (will stick around) then I am taking to the backends of Holland's coffeeshop scene (am situated in connections via Instagram).

For Hire (Link): (resume/cover letter)

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