Type of job I'm looking for

I want a hybrid job where I work with Linux and do scripting (but not full time on developer work) for automation, systems processes, cron, etc. Suitable jobs would be "Linux administrator" or "DevOps Engineer". For DevOps I search LinkedIn for "CI CD Linux" since CI CD is the skillset (with Jenkins) and I don't do Microsoft, around Menlo Park within a 25 km radius. I'm also going to include San Francisco now that I think about it.

I have about 7 months left to find a job before I will be homeless or at another transitional housing unit recommended by Gardner. Strattera® is very very nice. It keeps giving me amazing sensations. This morning I felt urges to apply for 10+ jobs and do Python. It is only day #7 though, so by day 10 I expect to be practicing code a bit.

I'm the perfect machine for the work I am suited to do so I am not interested in hearing about minimum wage jobs or the like. I will eventually get SSI. With ADHD I am suited for the work I'm suited for since we have hyperfocus we have to use it to our advantage. I've had root on ccTLDs I know systems better than an unskilled worker. My medication makes me a straight tradesman at this. I'm looking for a "real job" in technology and am also going to DeAnza for my Advanced Linux+Introduction to Linux certificates.

I bring to the role a C++ certificate at 99% scoring. This proves craft is there as long as executive function continues to come with Strattera® I am in the market for a good job that will get me the car I want to drive and the apartment life I need. Starting in a few days (as the atomoxetine triggers it) I will be getting more in-depth into Flask and Python for practice since I am at idle hands.

I'm into AWS and related technologies. Daniel Wood wanted me to set up an S3 backup with Amazon EC2 which I would do via crontab. If you lay the structure of the job on me I can fill into it. As long as I am tasked I am going to be reliably busy and once I have a routine down it is grind, grind, grind.

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