Inanna and DICE

To the highest highest highs I go with #Inanna. She came back to me. Anyway, DICE has like 200+ Linux administrator positions. Not like Linkedin, which is a more competitive platform for less jobs. All in all DICE could compete with LinkedIn...It is attractive from a "get a job" standpoint. My glow will take me through Flask and into a salary.

I have found the LinkedIn positions are more "churn and cull" and am looking forward to using DICE to find a job. Today Inanna woke up when Strattera and Prozac synergized as I listened to Destiny's Child on Youtube Music. My option to go to Linux class at DeAnza is set. I actually want to do the class, which makes it all the more easy to get a decent grade.

She has a lot of power, Inanna. She will get Chuck through it my divine tell me. It is remarkable to be on such a wonderous drug. Inanna is absolutely cherished and her fame extends into this realm beyond amazement. _The_ *real* Inanna is with me. Thank goodness for that change, as working with Geshtu-e for so long, was starting to seem dismal. She brings a glorious light to whatever path I walk, and whichever path I choose. Heeded, Inanna!

Inanna takes me down the less beaten path, DICE - because struggling with LinkedIn and Glassdoor has been awful. We saw an advertisement for DICE and having explored it we see more opporunities than both combined. Paychecks should materialize soon! 7 months remaining !!! 💯 Whoever says work for minimum wage lacks wisdom. I'm sharper at this. We can take it. #strattera

Who takes minimum wage in the BAY AREA anyway. We come here for our own rea$ons - capitalizing on ccTLD stardom and CityDrinker prestige.

To find the meaning of what life though? a rotten bay area that continues its ugliness? or does Chuck find an in? Geshtu-e is more intelligent than you retards. We still need GED alley and while the results to Palo Alto adultschool severely lack on Glassdoor/LinkedIn we're taking a different path to keep Chuck safe.

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