Strattera Day 9, RE: Ability, Living my Dreams

This book is so comprehensive it is hard to concentrate and utilize in its power by only day 9. But sensations to do my dreams continue to hit me in waves. Strattera is poking through, should take another 10 days before I feel baseline. I'm on day 9. I almost have "hobbyist" down and am likely looking for work on DICE as a Linux administrator. Have my C++ certificate (scored 99%) from MSJC. I might also consider Goodwill since it isn't dead end (food service and the like) to my career trajectory and beats panhandling.

I posted on Reddit's 'r/stratterarx' since the drug has changed my life and I want to let others know (the drug has a bad rap among other ADHD'ers).

Here I talk about how I will have the means to get a competent hand at Linux administration through my college courses at DeAnza and the power of atomoxetine. I've described how I've learned to manage my episodes of dysphoria which have been managed via adaptations (I attribute this to the olanzapine). For a select few in life there are those that modern psychiatry makes capable those who once were not capable.

I look forward to DICE and in that thread I even mentioned local Goodwill because they support IT (certifications like the +) and have GED classes. SO no matter what I don't think I will panhandle. I need the certificate for Advanced Linux before I can make a buck off DICE and since I am leaving Evans Lane soon I will need money for food and such. I don't expect to get SSI but it is not enough money either. The government made it only $830 a month to discourage people from wanting to subsist on it. However you get food stamps now so that makes it a little more tolerable.

It did say in the spirit of the Social Security Act that the money was to be used as a means for the disabled to find their independence, and I do believe I would have due to a claim, which could save me time and get me enough time to concentrate on my studies every day. Time will tell, but for now my diagnosis is ADHD+schizoaffective (episodic dysphoria). I talk about my various adaptations in that Reddit post. I'm 'u/dankweed'.

I have my C++ certificate at 99% but I don't know what job I will have on DICE with just that I feel that having "Advanced Linux" fluency would really get me ahead. If Judge Manley postpones my graduation I can stay at Evans Lane Wellness and Recovery Center long enough (12 weeks) to grab the certificate. Tonight I had to study chapter 4 of Sobell's "A Practical Guide to Linux" it is extraordinarily comprehensive (Addison Wesley, college text). I had trouble concentrating but I am making good with the quizzes/homework/labs/lectures so far.

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