Strattera® day 20

We thought we needed modafinil but what a pleasant surprise. Strattera turns out to make us capable.

It marks day 20 since I started taking Strattera (atomoxetine generic) 40mg from Dr. Mai. I take it with fluoxetine (Prozac® generic) so it gives me amazing sensations and feelings of obedience toward working at an employer. I feel calm and can relate with what it is that doesn't get a person hired. I wouldn't hire me without me being on atomoxetine!

I applied for a number of jobs including Interana, Levi Strauss and Co., Teradata, and ScienceLogic. Since I am no longer a felon I can work out of state (ScienceLogic is in Virginia) or even out of the country! It is amazing having the whole world ahead in your destiny. I can marginally do Python code (functions, classes, and/or/not) which is good enough to get me started at a role. I need to learn Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Terraform, and/or Salt to get ahead with my resume.

So my next job should have an opportunity to get those skills. I might be doing Linux Academy too as I want to learn. The sad part is my SSI doesn't kick in by the time I am homeless so I will be without food (Evans Lane was feeding me) and I won't have Linux Academy for awhile. However, I should be able to figure out Salt since I've been exposed to Jinja (I have a Youtube guide). I also have the DZONE and guides for building a CI CD pipeline with Jenkins.

I could be a good Jr. level or Entry Level candidate out of CityDrinker. So we'll see how far this effort gets me. I tried applying for Taos too even just because it is a wage and housing plus I would get to keep taking Strattera LOL. I wonder if I'll even need LinuxAcademy Dan says it is my mouth that keeps me from getting hired.

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