Week 4 Linux class

2 more weeks of JR LINUX at DeAnza. Lots of women today neglected to talk to an awesome looking woman at the library she seemed she would have been receptive as I have good looks. On the bus I caught one chick peeking at me I shoulda been like "peek a boo" or something clever and witty (anything but petrification) but my inability to face fears and go for women makes me apathetic. That or i feel apathetic. I'm not assured of a hire at Samsung for that matter. At least I'm maintaining a A in my first class in over 10 years.

Read the rest of chapter 6 "A Practical Guide to Linux" which covers the more advanced Vim stuff we are covering today. I think if I don't get Samsung I'll try to do some Craigslist stuff for money maybe I go back to adult school get my high school diploma (or GED) but I wanted to work in Palo Alto and go to adult school there (GED alley). I'm still up in the air about whether or not my capable self can get hired doing technology.

At times I deem it a skills issue but I've seen people go from being in other fields (an example was a chef on Reddit) if I'm not mistaken to doing technology as it was said they can groom you in if you're a fit. My career is developed enough for me to get in a job as a basic student of Linux. I'm sage/wizard with it I have potential and caliber. SSI is approved for my mental disability and I get paid in two weeks. Getting overstimulated happens often but Strattera is working. I got the money and the power!

If I get Samsung I will manage to get a car and drive to tutoring for GED.

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