Redid my Craigslist posts

My post for a room for rent is here:

My post for a service-related niche in freelance to bridge my experience gap is here: (I paid $10!)

My post in Craigslist jobs wanted/resumes section is here:

I'd say Strattera® has me being very resourceful to get my problems solved. I'm on 80mg and was feeling it all day. It took nearly 2 months to start working :). Sam (a landlord) took me to look at his place but I'm not sure he is asking for a lot and it didn't seem that desirable from a perspective of paying such a high price. I could get a bicycle to get around which would make it livable but my issue is what if Craigslist turns no stones? There is no money for laundry at Sam's. What if my job search continues to go south? I'm not expecting royalty but I'd like to be able to dip indoors and vape outdoors. I am not messy or anything. I redid my room wanted post to target what I'm looking for and can do nothing more but wait for the right place and continue to email my room wanted post to Craigslist's housing/shared posters. Gardner says I will go to a "group home placement" which is some kind of THU maybe in Gilroy but I will have my SSI to do LinuxAcademy with. Today I felt like getting into LinuxAcademy which was great.

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