Atomoxetine 80mg day 9 | Requested to work for Internet .NZ (remote, Ansible, etc)

I love this shit. I got me a great computer, Samsung 970 Pro NVMe 512gb PCIe SSD,  a wireless bluetooth mouse, and $798 in cash in the pocket. I'm thinking of going to Fry's to put Windows 10 dual boot with my current Gentoo installation. I accidentally hosed Windows 10 partition when I installed Gentoo Linux (doh) but I am learning with LinuxAcademy for sure soon. Delerium Resurrection is playing and I feel great the atomoxetine is flowing my power is back.

If I get the job that puts a rare ccTLD on my resume it would be elite. I'll get to use Ansible for automation and it will put my career forward. I found the job on DNS jobs OARC (search Google if you want to find it) and mentioned my experience with ccTLDs. The job post says they are looking for someone to actually go to New Zealand I don't know if I want to leave the US but I need to get my adult school done so I'm taken more seriously in employment so I will continue to look for a ccTLD or new gTLD to do infrastructure with (since my desired job is infrastructure engineer anyway).

My only concern is health insurance if I can keep getting Medicaid for awhile that'd be nice but I'm unsure if I will qualify so that would mean my medical costs would have to come off on whatever ccTLD I work for. It is a little expensive per month if you count the olanzapine. SSA says SSI (Supplemental Security Income from the government) will cover my co-pays for a little while though. Got to keep the atomoxetine flowing strong!

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