Major rewrite of resume | new chuck init

Booting new chuck........ Done!
Resume init........ Done!
bash# cat versions.txt
Got a new resume and cover letter done.
- It features more of my skills and abilities.
- It centralizes my ccTLD backend expertise/experience.
- It accurately describes my experience with systems/process engineering.
- It features my resourcefulness to a levels of skill.
- It is designed for ease of reading.
bash# exit

Anyway I got the new resume finished. It is an bit cleaner in design. I put new clearer text and was very thorough. I should see phone interviews progress to inperson as I advance on LinuxAcademy and gain valuable livelabs experience to carry to the next level at work. Very geek, very potential I see myself as a promising candidate. I see some of the cultures of Silicon Valley and am aware there are some places that reject because they feel you wouldn't fit in. I am hoping to hear from Yahoo! soon and if not there will be other opportunities in the months ahead.

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