Job at mall? Or something?

I need to get versatile and maintain out there. I'm considering working at the mall or something while I do this #techsearch because #SSI is not enough money to sustain off of. I'll be honest I don't think Strattera is helping that much it has its disadvantages. It makes me super exhausted I sleep in until like 12 o' clock easily. Maybe better ways of living come out of lower opportunities so I am considering all avenues to DevOps.

We will see how long I maintain on a $500 a month sober living home I think with $330 + 200 in food stamps it is manageable but I got bills my phone bill, monthly supply of e juice for vape, sometimes I dip (I like nicotine, it helps keep my nerves calm). I have to find low stress to be in my element to really gain from LinuxAcademy and it seems like madness to do it with such a tiny income in the Bay Area. If I could get my job back like CityDrinker that would be nice but I found that because I knew Daniel Wood.

I probably don't know enough people so getting a job is difficult. However, with our versatility (I say our, because I'm with Mesopotamian divine) we will set ourselves forward. In talking with Reddit's r/devops we really gained some fundamental foundation for DevOps. They instilled some basic knowledge in me which is key for success in DevOps for the future so whatever happens I'm about lessening the pain (not being hungry) and surviving as necessary...

I was talking to Marc Compagnon today he is working on getting $100,000 in $XRP. He has about $40,000 or more of it so far. He just does his coring work in Southern California where I am from originally. He has a contract with a major housing development and puts his drainage work into the sidewalk. He's a nice guy and overall with my references I should be up there. He claims he is getting 25% of a cryptocurrency "proof of stake" startup which is pretty cool he's really pumped as he says.

I'm also waiting for LinkedIn but these decisions take a lot of time the world does not move at Charles' pace. Meanwhile I would be on the street or at a miserable place forced to spend time I could be spending on LinuxAcademy doing NA/AA recovery meetings like I live at the court or something lol. I'm hoping it gets better love that mall Valley Fair by the way, gave me a huge spike in dopamine with fluoxetine and Strattera. It really enhanced my dimension of perspective.

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