42 days of Strattera | missing DEFCON 27

OK. So by day 42 of Strattera (generic atomoxetine) I can feel better dimensions. I saw pictures of DEFCON 27 from someone on my Facebook last night (it came to my attention because he checked in). All the pictures look amazing the scene there looks really cool. I wonder what a ccTLD hacker from the late 90's could do in that setting. Anyway, I really like my domain dankchronic.com it is a really bloggable site. My Alexa.com traffic is around 11.8m.

I took a gift from the imagery of DEFCON 27 -the ability to do Python. Without atomoxetine it is like I can't do things I see as pointless. There's a futility in practicing code just for a job in that you might not get one. The photographs snapped my awareness into a good atomoxetine perspective. Ever since I went to the Valley Fair mall my dopamine spiked and I got better at stuff. I don't have much to talk about right now I'm still trying to get a job.

So I want to catch the next DEFCON and hopefully get back into technology again. They make it look really fun.

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