New cover letter/resume | Asana application

Today I put my older version of my resume up on the site. My cover letter inspired by Gilgamesh and key to beating competition is also up. I'm the "Grandmaster of Technology" have been since 2001 when I had root on ccTLDs worldwide. I decided to keep myself at that level while touch up the content. What I was left with is a hybrid new and old resume. I applied for ASANA listening to Track 4 of Nine Inch Nails' Quake soundtrack.

I am going to wait a little while not going to apply for 15 jobs like I did last time I'm going to CHILL and wait. If I work at ASANA that would be a bit elite to me. I have to know Python which I do so it works out well. My Strattera® journey has been doing well. Today is day 44 I've been on 80MG for at least 13 days. Marc is mailing me $50 to invest into cryptocurrency on Coinbase. I'm getting Chainlink and Bitcoin.

While I work I am going to get into an Alfa Romeo and get driver's training, get my GED done, and invest as much as I can wisely into digital assets. Marc is pumped he is going for $100K in XRP and he is soon to reach that level. I always saw myself as a Menlo Park type. That's why I stay there usually when I have no place to go. The Quake music takes me to a dimensional level of concept in what I want to be ultimately, a top tier 10x engineer.

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