atomoxetine day 10 | dns jobs oarc response

Response to my submission to DNS Jobs OARC was good. Ran into someone who is passing my resume/cover letter details to Yahoo! (Sunnyvale) where he says he was previously a senior director. I am not opposed to working for Yahoo! I have been to a meetup (via to their corporate headquarters before. We have a user on that comes from the Yahoo! corporate host which is kind of cool. I was hoping to get legit ccTLD experience on my resume with Internet .NZ but you can only be so cool looking out there :)

Atomoxetine 80mg day 9 | Requested to work for Internet .NZ (remote, Ansible, etc)

I love this shit. I got me a great computer, Samsung 970 Pro NVMe 512gb PCIe SSD,  a wireless bluetooth mouse, and $798 in cash in the pocket. I'm thinking of going to Fry's to put Windows 10 dual boot with my current Gentoo installation. I accidentally hosed Windows 10 partition when I installed Gentoo Linux (doh) but I am learning with LinuxAcademy for sure soon. Delerium Resurrection is playing and I feel great the atomoxetine is flowing my power is back.

SSI, Gardner, a $750 starter room, LinuxAcademy, and day 5 80mg atomoxetine

Well all I have is LinuxAcademy and rent paid for a month then my ssi has to pay for my phone, the rent, LinuxAcademy, and ejuice for my vape. I might be short depending on cost of LinuxAcademy but Gardner is hooking me up with groceries. When atomoxetine finally hits I will be turbocharged at doing my dreams.

I applied for Systems engineer at Robinhood !!!

I seriously hope I get it. Menlo Park is an awesome place to live and work. You've got Palo Alto nearby and GED tutoring down the street from Santa Cruz Blvd. You've got free GED resources at Palo Alto adult school. I made sure to add a special note: let me know whatever it is I can do to get this job I will go above and beyond the requirement. So we will see.

New About Me, Got Strattera! Datrium + IntApp

What's up. I just wanted to add a picture of the books+computer I bring to the table in my technology career. I have advanced some got my prescription for atomoxetine 40mg today from Dr. Mai's office. The office will work to insure that my Anthem insurance covers the atomoxetine. I could not get Gardner criminal justice FSP to push through insurance because the diagnosis is too political for them. They are a corporate care facility so I guess it's too controversial.

From DeAnza and SVAE to DevOps in 6-10 months

I have enrolled to DeAnza College's Intro to UNIX/Linux class.  I'm basically stacking up a bulk of knowledge and getting a high school diploma from SVAE to get my job in DevOps CI CD process engineering going. If this doesn't work then I will consider my legal options for unlawful exclusion from the economy. I'm going to be very well versed at the *NIX command line when I am done. The regular expressions training will help with configuring Apache/Nginx.

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