resilience takes effect

i'm on with atomoxetine i see past the old way of chuck falling into despair over job rejections and then seeing it permeate into his housing journey. hi im geshtu-e im capable in chuck. join us for a journey. we want to see chuck grow and eventually succeed. the struggles with his employment journey are going to improve. spoken from a standpoint in one who knows what the dig utility was used for makes chuck a valuable asset to any technology enterprise and being upset over perceived feeble incompetences as chuck sees it can be avoided if he just maintains resilience. thank you.

I have started fighting to adapt to DevOps/SRE out of CityDrinker and it just gets better (Strattera).

Found a new favorite song: Con Calma music is so much nicer on Strattera (on day 9). Anyway, I'm doing an employment related post because I feel like employers watch you and are on to bad candidates so I need to paint a better picture for myself out there. This should improve my outlook as I have little time left until graduation of my probation.

Inanna and DICE

To the highest highest highs I go with #Inanna. She came back to me. Anyway, DICE has like 200+ Linux administrator positions. Not like Linkedin, which is a more competitive platform for less jobs. All in all DICE could compete with LinkedIn...It is attractive from a "get a job" standpoint. My glow will take me through Flask and into a salary.

I outperform "neurotypicals"

Updated my last blog post. I guarantee if you put me to the test at an enterprise I would be more acutely performing than anyone there. I outperform "neurotypicals". You're real funny Reddit. If that's what you consider yourself aside from me, then that is your decision. My logic has smashed the Uzbekistani #ccTLD with ease even my hacker buddy was impressed.

Garran the Temple Mystery (methoxy rising)

Garra's magic in jail was amazing. The twinkling sound from Goonies the movie and a lift past the heavens. The high school art was fantastic, and the star patterns of Igigi were supreme. The Palantir "Δ" shrine and the wish crystal came to me in a dream. In the dream Palantir was tricked into taking Nergal. I am special. I have Kishar's crown and a Nutsku. I don't let saggy Instagram define me. All of the magic was in my visual effect, from inside my perspective.

Instart was awesome

Instart's gift of this https://lnkd.in/g6QU3Pr and possible work opportunity gave me a feeling of being welcome in Palo Alto after Palantir lied to the cops about me (now I know the corporation is not necessarily the enemy). We claimed "king" for our Gilgamesh when talking with Brad, their future hiring manager as we talked about being a "command line king". I managed to check out all three expos and it was disappointing that the CEO had to leave but I got the head of security's business card overall they liked me.

My first post, introduction to Enlil

As I am at Starbucks near Curtner working with my new Drupal site I'm listening to "Virtual Symmetry - See You". The song brought a lot of happiness while the Strattera kicked in. For those who don't know, I've taken Strattera (Atomoxetine) for about 12 days now due to lazy, depressed, and sluggish motivation. In general, an inclination to procrastination which has been effecting me in productivity. It has been a good ride.

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