Day 27 atomoxetine (day 2 80mg)

I have noticed 2 hits from Samsung on my LinkedIn page. It would be cool to get a job right as the atomoxetine is kicking in! I feel it somewhat, it is like a stimulant but with cleaner energy. Yes it feels better than methamphetamine (which is the ADHD drug 'desoxyn') and safer as it is not a narcotic. I'm listening to See You (Virtual Symmetry) which goes good with the medicine. I've been bedridden most of the day exhausted tired I took several naps.

Motivated CI CD process engineer / Linux SRE for hire.

Motivated CI CD process/site reliability engineer for hire. Seeking work where the labor is feasible. I will coordinate my credit files to get the Alfa Romeo Giulia TI w/ driver's training and get an apartment near the job. Woke up thanks to Reddit's r/almosthomeless all those scenarios really got my 🐐.

Ideas to code in Flask + NodeJS

The best thing I can think of to code is something that lets you publish your thoughts, ideas, graphics, or videos like Facebook notes but better, perhaps with some CSS styling themes (custom via marketplace), user accounts, your own subdomain, etc. I wonder what I can make with this combo. NodeJS can probably make for some exciting smaller components of such a platform for publishing. I was going to make a simple IRC bot or nslookup AJAX tool, but that isn't very original.


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