De Anza CIS18b: Advanced Linux

Apparently I can take this class in the Winter season. I'm going to Silicon Valley Adult Education while concentrating on developing my fluency in Flask, Python, Git, Ansible, Terraform, AWS, and Vagrant/Virtualbox. I got the comment thread from my question to LinkedIn's DevOps group bookmarked. In this comment thread I ask how to get the experience you need to get a DevOps job since there is no entry-level for configuration management and CI CD experience.

We're back! #SVAE | DJ Hixxy Taking me Higher 🎶

I'm going back to adult school b/c with SSI and EBT I have the resources to get the diploma. There is some Python I can do for Daniel Wood on the side (scraping Instagram for trademark infringement) that I already have progress on so I'm just going to continue that. It will take maybe 2-3 years to graduate Silicon Valley Adult Education but i got 7 units already plus i did CIS18a: "Intro to Linux" at De Anza college. I'm back! gotta go to SVAE take the assessment tomorrow :) #ccTLDrockstars #DEFCON #hacktheplanet

DJ Hixxy - More and More | is blocked.

Most of my stresses are over. I blocked forever. I got Gishida dawning on me at the sober living house 08/20/19. Nothing but GED, Fitness (we want to install a punching bag there), and solid LinuxAcademy routines. We're into Python :)

Day 38 of Strattera® (generic atomoxetine)

I just hit day 38 of Strattera® (generic atomoxetine) so I have been taking it for 5.42 weeks. It takes 6-8 weeks to take full effect. So today was awful, I was very tired and slept for 4 hours. I have obtained a year membership for LinuxAcademy 🎉 but can't find a productive drive to do the Intro to Python Development track. When I first thought about getting it the Strattera was making me think it would be fine that I would be really into it.

Major rewrite of resume | new chuck init

Booting new chuck........ Done!
Resume init........ Done!
bash# cat versions.txt
Got a new resume and cover letter done.
- It features more of my skills and abilities.
- It centralizes my ccTLD backend expertise/experience.
- It accurately describes my experience with systems/process engineering.
- It features my resourcefulness to a levels of skill.
- It is designed for ease of reading.
bash# exit

Anyway I got the new resume finished. It is an bit cleaner in design.

atomoxetine day 10 | dns jobs oarc response

Response to my submission to DNS Jobs OARC was good. Ran into someone who is passing my resume/cover letter details to Yahoo! (Sunnyvale) where he says he was previously a senior director. I am not opposed to working for Yahoo! I have been to a meetup (via to their corporate headquarters before. We have a user on that comes from the Yahoo! corporate host which is kind of cool. I was hoping to get legit ccTLD experience on my resume with Internet .NZ but you can only be so cool looking out there :)

Renting on SSI, America the GREAT!! Where you can get a dream job!

Doing OK got 3GB data, paid my phone bill, my VTA pass, and got my ejuice for my vape. Had a landlord ghost on me, but am getting ready to apply my neuroenhanced atomoxetine dosed cognition to one of the many millions of unfilled technology jobs in the United States. We are the most prosperous nation on earth and when a disabled Chuck needs work, he finds it.

A fury waiting to be harnessed - HealthTap

Just applied for DevOps @ HealthTap. I've been inside their Palo Alto office before, gave an older copy of my resume plus bro fist to an employee there. I sold myself the best I could and will have LinuxAcademy going in two weeks for skill ups. None can stop me. I went to the Social Security office today and they approved my SSI so I will have a little bit of money to improve my skill if Strattera would start working!

Strattera day 23, got atomoxetine 80mg capsules!

I am about to go check out a shared room for rent by SJSU. I went to the pharmacy and picked up my refill of atomoxetine. The capsules are 80mg! Twice the size of the capsules I currently had. I want to learn to code better and yesterday I was feeling capable of taking on Python in a more robust manner than I've ever done it before. Without atomoxetine I can barely do "Hello, world!" in Flask but with the drug I am interested in succeeding with tech.

Nice Laptop, atomoxetine day #22

Ok, so something is hitting me there is noticeably a drug in my system. It is atomoxetine and it is amazing. The drug is active. It will start up by day 30 I'll be in FreeBSD hacker mode learning Python and Linux commandline/code. I made it to class! I am going to have a Linux certificate and I'm interviewing for DevOps at the Smart Machines Group division of Samsung tomorrow at 2:00PM.

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