Atomoxetine 40mg day 6!!!

I am starting to feel its effects in a more pronounced way. I am doing my chore for 5 points at Evans Lane after this blog post. I have to do 5 points per week as per their structure. All in all I need to find employment so I can tell Judge Manley's court to graduate me. I am opting to put off graduation so I can have shelter in the Bay Area.

A red Lamborghini, my family with dankchronic.com and the international Hoover house of fury, and in with Instart

Yesterday I went to a corporate meetup event at Instart Logic, Inc. They made me feel really welcome at their company, at times saying they're hiring for reliability engineers and they were kind about my vaping to relax outside which was nice. I met up with their team in Palo Alto and got to know their general business (what they do). It was a cool event they had a raffle for a Nintendo Switch which I did not win but I won a business card opportunity from head of security (Ron) and get to talk with him soon.

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