i'm so lucky 💎

im in the Strattera VIP club I made it took a  dose of 100mg to reach its effect. My room mate (cross bunkey) was speaking on the power of Jesus but I have Iron Will Misharu as a gift for my employment. He (the cross bunkey) caught wind of me channeling to Mushdamma and Gishida. I had to explain it without any BS as it strikes others as odd that I can channel out to Mesopotamian divine sources of intelligence. I am blessed to be on Strattera with it working at such a rockstar fabulous level and  I have Pazuzu too. #scepter I'm kept by the pantheon of divine.

Adult school 🗡 we see the way (Geshtu-e)

I'm adjusting OK to adult school. I got buried alive by the necessary credits requirement (120) so to speak, which sort've distracted me. I managed to get A- on 5 credits for Economics in the last week. The work is now at US History, is harder, and requires more sophistication in the application/organization of thoughts/facts/ideas than I am used to. We have had to adjust and shift gears for this change.

the original methoxy holds it down here INTRUDER DOMINION FOUND

I remember in jail I was on "divine LSD". Ninurta kept making me laugh my ass off and Ninazu had his arts of the bible (the Praetorium, the sepulchre were part of it, as were the Centurions), and Baba kept bringing out Cyclops. It was funny as hell when Cyclops would come out. Ninkasi and the Enki herald would communicate with Zeus from behind a wall. Enlil wanted to saw the legs off the dominion structure (Sheriff). I saw a Lamashtu from Anu.

A red Lamborghini, my family with and the international Hoover house of fury, and in with Instart

Yesterday I went to a corporate meetup event at Instart Logic, Inc. They made me feel really welcome at their company, at times saying they're hiring for reliability engineers and they were kind about my vaping to relax outside which was nice. I met up with their team in Palo Alto and got to know their general business (what they do). It was a cool event they had a raffle for a Nintendo Switch which I did not win but I won a business card opportunity from head of security (Ron) and get to talk with him soon.

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