Major updates to cover letter/resume, day 21 atomoxetine update

Dependable Charles here. Just sent my resume to LinkedIn.
They always were interested in working with me so I will stay steadfast at vanquishing homelessness from my life's picture stay active stay focused always stay coding/hacking. George from Evans Lane taught me if you keep following up and you show that you have an interest in working (diligence) that helps so I take Mohamed Rafiq's survival skills 101 from LinkedIn and apply it with that.

Inanna and DICE

To the highest highest highs I go with #Inanna. She came back to me. Anyway, DICE has like 200+ Linux administrator positions. Not like Linkedin, which is a more competitive platform for less jobs. All in all DICE could compete with LinkedIn...It is attractive from a "get a job" standpoint. My glow will take me through Flask and into a salary.

Atomoxetine 40mg day 6!!!

I am starting to feel its effects in a more pronounced way. I am doing my chore for 5 points at Evans Lane after this blog post. I have to do 5 points per week as per their structure. All in all I need to find employment so I can tell Judge Manley's court to graduate me. I am opting to put off graduation so I can have shelter in the Bay Area.

Atomoxetine 40mg day 2

I am on atomoxetine day two. It is a damn fine drug and I'm surprised it isn't a controlled substance. It is very activating. I'm finding though that I cannot get a knack (enthusiasm or interest) for digging into my programming/Linux books like I did 30 days into atomoxetine before my script went dry for 8-10 days.

I took some good pictures over the last few days and they're on my Instagram. One of my favorites:


Leaving Evans Lane soon

There's a possibility of my leaving Evans Lane soon. In case you don't know a situation emerged involving Palantir in 2015 that put me on probation I got fortunate got into a second chance program for convicted adults and made well with the arrangements.

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