I have started fighting to adapt to DevOps/SRE out of CityDrinker and it just gets better (Strattera).

Found a new favorite song: Con Calma music is so much nicer on Strattera (on day 9). Anyway, I'm doing an employment related post because I feel like employers watch you and are on to bad candidates so I need to paint a better picture for myself out there.ย This should improve my outlook as I have little time left until graduation of my probation.

Life after the LinkedIN+boxxy incidents.

This morning was awful I shut down completely couldn't get out of bed. The lack of Strattera (atomoxetine) made my brain feel neurochemically depleted. I thought I was going to end up picked up by medics and taken to the hospital because I could not find a will to continue my life or eat. Since I am basically a dog at Evans Lane I am sick of their feedings. My Gardner FSP worker took me to Panera Bread gave me some food + coffee.

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