Strattera® day 20

We thought we needed modafinil but what a pleasant surprise. Strattera turns out to make us capable.

It marks day 20 since I started taking Strattera (atomoxetine generic) 40mg from Dr. Mai. I take it with fluoxetine (Prozac® generic) so it gives me amazing sensations and feelings of obedience toward working at an employer. I feel calm and can relate with what it is that doesn't get a person hired. I wouldn't hire me without me being on atomoxetine!

Looking for a starter room and stable gainful 9-5 as a former worldwide 🌐 ccTLDist

I'm on 30 days notice with Evans Lane Wellness and Recovery Center that means I need to find a new place. Bethany (my Gardner case worker for FSP) has said that I am covered for rent for 2 months until my SSI kicks in. I see the SSA on the 24th at 9:00AM to address my need for disability. I'm also interviewing with Samsung here in San Jose which may mean I don't need to take disability again. I can be a "disabled in tech" class of worker on Strattera.

Type of job I'm looking for

I want a hybrid job where I work with Linux and do scripting (but not full time on developer work) for automation, systems processes, cron, etc. Suitable jobs would be "Linux administrator" or "DevOps Engineer". For DevOps I search LinkedIn for "CI CD Linux" since CI CD is the skillset (with Jenkins) and I don't do Microsoft, around Menlo Park within a 25 km radius. I'm also going to include San Francisco now that I think about it.

Atomoxetine 40mg day 2

I am on atomoxetine day two. It is a damn fine drug and I'm surprised it isn't a controlled substance. It is very activating. I'm finding though that I cannot get a knack (enthusiasm or interest) for digging into my programming/Linux books like I did 30 days into atomoxetine before my script went dry for 8-10 days.

I took some good pictures over the last few days and they're on my Instagram. One of my favorites:


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