menlo park

16GB RAM for the Inspiron 5482 - Applied for Robinhood.

I am getting SSI stipend soon (maybe 2 more months). I have to get my bank statements and rental agreement for the SSA on Monday. I have to pick up my olanzapine medication from Enborg Lane pharmacy and go to DeAnza college in the same day. So it will be a journey to get everything accomplished. I've found putting effort in has results so I stay with it.

I applied for Systems engineer at Robinhood !!!

I seriously hope I get it. Menlo Park is an awesome place to live and work. You've got Palo Alto nearby and GED tutoring down the street from Santa Cruz Blvd. You've got free GED resources at Palo Alto adult school. I made sure to add a special note: let me know whatever it is I can do to get this job I will go above and beyond the requirement. So we will see.

Leaving Evans Lane soon

There's a possibility of my leaving Evans Lane soon. In case you don't know a situation emerged involving Palantir in 2015 that put me on probation I got fortunate got into a second chance program for convicted adults and made well with the arrangements.

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