Major updates to cover letter/resume, day 21 atomoxetine update

Dependable Charles here. Just sent my resume to LinkedIn.
They always were interested in working with me so I will stay steadfast at vanquishing homelessness from my life's picture stay active stay focused always stay coding/hacking. George from Evans Lane taught me if you keep following up and you show that you have an interest in working (diligence) that helps so I take Mohamed Rafiq's survival skills 101 from LinkedIn and apply it with that.

Strattera Day 9, RE: Ability, Living my Dreams

This book is so comprehensive it is hard to concentrate and utilize in its power by only day 9. But sensations to do my dreams continue to hit me in waves. Strattera is poking through, should take another 10 days before I feel baseline. I'm on day 9. I almost have "hobbyist" down and am likely looking for work on DICE as a Linux administrator. Have my C++ certificate (scored 99%) from MSJC. I might also consider Goodwill since it isn't dead end (food service and the like) to my career trajectory and beats panhandling.

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