Atomoxetine day 13

I feel it a bit. Last night I felt like walking to the library and being a Pythonista (for work and money, need a car). I had positive thought processes last night when things were negative. Today I felt it a little so far too. I got lifted when my friend Zhou liked my LinkedIn post. I felt like doing CI CD pipelines for practice. The urges to do things kicks in every now and then (the medication is hitting me in waves), but nothing solid yet.

I'm a marijuana and hemp professional on Instagram

I'm a marijuana and hemp professional on Instagram and As far as a job I don't know if I'll ever find code interesting enough. Perhaps with more atomoxetine I will get there. The goal was to use the job to save for the business (like for a sales permit it is $5000 in CA) but I can't seem to get a job. Therefore I'm just not into code. I'm not sure why I can't get a job.

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