atomoxetine day 10 | dns jobs oarc response

Response to my submission to DNS Jobs OARC was good. Ran into someone who is passing my resume/cover letter details to Yahoo! (Sunnyvale) where he says he was previously a senior director. I am not opposed to working for Yahoo! I have been to a meetup (via to their corporate headquarters before. We have a user on that comes from the Yahoo! corporate host which is kind of cool. I was hoping to get legit ccTLD experience on my resume with Internet .NZ but you can only be so cool looking out there :)

Renting on SSI, America the GREAT!! Where you can get a dream job!

Doing OK got 3GB data, paid my phone bill, my VTA pass, and got my ejuice for my vape. Had a landlord ghost on me, but am getting ready to apply my neuroenhanced atomoxetine dosed cognition to one of the many millions of unfilled technology jobs in the United States. We are the most prosperous nation on earth and when a disabled Chuck needs work, he finds it.

Day 27 atomoxetine (day 2 80mg)

I have noticed 2 hits from Samsung on my LinkedIn page. It would be cool to get a job right as the atomoxetine is kicking in! I feel it somewhat, it is like a stimulant but with cleaner energy. Yes it feels better than methamphetamine (which is the ADHD drug 'desoxyn') and safer as it is not a narcotic. I'm listening to See You (Virtual Symmetry) which goes good with the medicine. I've been bedridden most of the day exhausted tired I took several naps.

A fury waiting to be harnessed - HealthTap

Just applied for DevOps @ HealthTap. I've been inside their Palo Alto office before, gave an older copy of my resume plus bro fist to an employee there. I sold myself the best I could and will have LinuxAcademy going in two weeks for skill ups. None can stop me. I went to the Social Security office today and they approved my SSI so I will have a little bit of money to improve my skill if Strattera would start working!

Nice Laptop, atomoxetine day #22

Ok, so something is hitting me there is noticeably a drug in my system. It is atomoxetine and it is amazing. The drug is active. It will start up by day 30 I'll be in FreeBSD hacker mode learning Python and Linux commandline/code. I made it to class! I am going to have a Linux certificate and I'm interviewing for DevOps at the Smart Machines Group division of Samsung tomorrow at 2:00PM.

Day 16 atomoxetine. ccTLDs and Curtner Studios!

Whoa. I am feeling the after effects of Strattera's concentrated peaks this morning. I feel definitely capable but no inclination to dive into Linux/Python just yet. No curiosity for code or desire to start driving a car has developed yet. Believe me though when the drug kicks in full I will be very active in productivity.

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