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DJ Hixxy - More and More | is blocked.

Most of my stresses are over. I blocked forever. I got Gishida dawning on me at the sober living house 08/20/19. Nothing but GED, Fitness (we want to install a punching bag there), and solid LinuxAcademy routines. We're into Python :)

New cover letter/resume | Asana application

Today I put my older version of my resume up on the site. My cover letter inspired by Gilgamesh and key to beating competition is also up. I'm the "Grandmaster of Technology" have been since 2001 when I had root on ccTLDs worldwide. I decided to keep myself at that level while touch up the content. What I was left with is a hybrid new and old resume. I applied for ASANA listening to Track 4 of Nine Inch Nails' Quake soundtrack.

Aya and the scepter of "neurotypicals" - atomoxetine 80mg day 6🏃Incompetent morons can't get me down.

Wow I'm starting to feel like I can hustle with code again - Ruby, Perl, or Python. I am looking for a room for rent Gardner Health Services (GHS) and I upped the price to 750 so I am checking the room rental market on Craigslist. So far I found 2 candidates for a room did send an email but it is harder to get a room because they have to sign IRS form I9 to get the rent and deposit. Some landlords might shy off of that especially if they are tax avoiders lol.

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