16GB RAM for the Inspiron 5482 - Applied for Robinhood.

I am getting SSI stipend soon (maybe 2 more months). I have to get my bank statements and rental agreement for the SSA on Monday. I have to pick up my olanzapine medication from Enborg Lane pharmacy and go to DeAnza college in the same day. So it will be a journey to get everything accomplished. I've found putting effort in has results so I stay with it.

LinkedIn and Inclusion, a real falsehood

I see all these rainbows #linkedin but what love do u have for a #disabledintech but for prejudice and discrimination? there is no diversity here in #SiliconValley all you nutballs wanna do is call the cops on me and lie to then too (cough Palantir/Box) oh well i try again shed my molt #metamorphosis come back a caterpillar this time we will see at Round #3 Glassdoor/LinkedIn. Strattera at work will come I can freelance Flask for the next decade I'm down to ride that 🚂

Atomoxetine and neurotypicality (a deal breaker for work at companies)

I went to Reddit and asked what could be holding up my employment as a DevOps engineer and not being "neurotypical" came up. Well it came up as a question anyway. I am pleased to say that I am neurotypical because I have a miracle cocktail of drugs that makes me this way. I'm in fact superior because of IQ. Not everyone was so lucky with conventional medicine. My miracle cocktail is fluoxetine/atomoxetine 40mg in the morning and 15mg olanzapine at night.

new gTLD admin or hire part time,™️

I don't know what happens after treatment court probation if I get a new place after Evans Lane I'd need cash. The food will probably be miserable where I end up. Besides who wants to be poor same thing need money.

A red Lamborghini, my family with and the international Hoover house of fury, and in with Instart

Yesterday I went to a corporate meetup event at Instart Logic, Inc. They made me feel really welcome at their company, at times saying they're hiring for reliability engineers and they were kind about my vaping to relax outside which was nice. I met up with their team in Palo Alto and got to know their general business (what they do). It was a cool event they had a raffle for a Nintendo Switch which I did not win but I won a business card opportunity from head of security (Ron) and get to talk with him soon.

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