LinkedIn got me the 💵 DevOps salary keys 🗝🔑, moving on from Evans Lane

Keys to understanding DevOps and having experience revealed...

#Kubernetes. If I play this music 🎶 piece on loop while watching the LinuxAcademy lectures I actually get into it. Money bag 💰 path to $140,000 salary in the Bay Area activated. Strattera/Prozac combo gave me some dimension/depth at life inspired by DEFCON 27 (a hacker con in Las Vegas) and EFNet IRC. I'm on Strattera 80mg day 48. With this music I'm into learning Python, Ruby, and Linux for multipurpose use.

Strattera and the effect of DEFCON

We saw a picture of the CIRA's NIC's networking rack and got an amazing sensation of perspective. It was for DevOps and it had DEFCON's effect to it. Going to get my high school diploma with my SSI $330 a month plus food stamps $190 a month. I'll be doing Ansible, Terraform, Python, Flask, Git, and Jenkins mastery on the side whenever I can. I have to go to four NA or AA meetings per week per my Sober Living Home's requirements.

Job at mall? Or something?

I need to get versatile and maintain out there. I'm considering working at the mall or something while I do this #techsearch because #SSI is not enough money to sustain off of. I'll be honest I don't think Strattera is helping that much it has its disadvantages. It makes me super exhausted I sleep in until like 12 o' clock easily. Maybe better ways of living come out of lower opportunities so I am considering all avenues to DevOps.

Week 4 Linux class

2 more weeks of JR LINUX at DeAnza. Lots of women today neglected to talk to an awesome looking woman at the library she seemed she would have been receptive as I have good looks. On the bus I caught one chick peeking at me I shoulda been like "peek a boo" or something clever and witty (anything but petrification) but my inability to face fears and go for women makes me apathetic. That or i feel apathetic. I'm not assured of a hire at Samsung for that matter. At least I'm maintaining a A in my first class in over 10 years.

Strattera® day 20

We thought we needed modafinil but what a pleasant surprise. Strattera turns out to make us capable.

It marks day 20 since I started taking Strattera (atomoxetine generic) 40mg from Dr. Mai. I take it with fluoxetine (Prozac® generic) so it gives me amazing sensations and feelings of obedience toward working at an employer. I feel calm and can relate with what it is that doesn't get a person hired. I wouldn't hire me without me being on atomoxetine!

Strattera puts a big ol' smile on my face.

Well dudes life rolls on I have to take this job at SAMSUNG if I get hired I will announce. Nobody else has interest and only SAMSUNG has maintained the relationship without ghosting or severing the interview early despite what I say/do. So it is safe to say they respect personality at Samsung. To prep myself I've been studying the CI CD process repeatedly so I have a good understanding of release to production concepts.

New DevOps training candidate for hire.

I read on Reddit you can become a trainee and get groomed into DevOps.

This is good news for me, I will end up being a really good DevOps engineer at a company with Strattera. I take it all the way :D I have had root on ccTLDs and would be great if sponsored this way into the trade. I could end up a 10x engineer on Strattera, you never know !

New class of professional emerges on atomoxetine.

Strattera is working. Day 13. I feel amazing. It brings me to conduct myself professionally. I was once a crass and profanity using man, but not any longer. As the atomoxetine hits me prior to my 30 day notice at Evans Lane Wellness and Recovery Center I look forward to taking each and every day from a professional style of class that is essential for my survival. You see, I came from CityDrinker to the Peninsula and had some old adaptations to living that were not OK with the employment picture I want to be a part of.

I have started fighting to adapt to DevOps/SRE out of CityDrinker and it just gets better (Strattera).

Found a new favorite song: Con Calma music is so much nicer on Strattera (on day 9). Anyway, I'm doing an employment related post because I feel like employers watch you and are on to bad candidates so I need to paint a better picture for myself out there. This should improve my outlook as I have little time left until graduation of my probation.

Type of job I'm looking for

I want a hybrid job where I work with Linux and do scripting (but not full time on developer work) for automation, systems processes, cron, etc. Suitable jobs would be "Linux administrator" or "DevOps Engineer". For DevOps I search LinkedIn for "CI CD Linux" since CI CD is the skillset (with Jenkins) and I don't do Microsoft, around Menlo Park within a 25 km radius. I'm also going to include San Francisco now that I think about it.

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